Thursday, May 30, 2013

~ Red Tulips - vintage linen tablecloth....

red tulip table cloth
I have been using this table cloth a lot in the back grounds of my latest round of picture taking.  This lovely red tulip linen tablecloth.  It was a random find in a box in my laundry room. I probably bought it 20 years ago. I can last recall using it on my dining room table in my old townhome.  And that townhome was years ago before the move into Collin County. 

Any who... I was surprise to see it. But even more surprising was what was wrapped up in it.

A large pink depression glass cake plate. At first I thought it was a piece of pink Royal Lace. But I pulled out some glasses to compare the pattern... and it does not look like it belongs to that pattern. 

Unfortunately, I can not lay my hands on my Gene Florence book, to determine exactly what pattern it is. It could be Royal Lace for all I know.  I really do need to find that book.

But I had used this pretty red tulip linen tablecloth... when I packed it up this pink cake plate many years ago, for the move. 

And this is such sweet little tulip design... and I am happy to have unearth it from that old box.

Now lets pop over to 
and see its new home!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~ Vintage Melmac Mixing bowls - Texasware, Boonton, Brookpark - Confetti bowls & dinnerware...

Melmac confetti mixing bowls
image from here....

Have you ever seen a prettier set of mixing bowls? These are referred to as "Confetti bowls". And they are vintage melmac/melamine mixing bowls made by Brookpark.  A beautiful 3 piece set, done in pinks and gray... be still my heart.

Melmac confetti mixing bowls

I have always been able to appreciate the Melmac dishes. I find them extremely durable. And can withstand a lot of hard use and keep on looking gorgeous.  That glorious set above sold for only $41.00 dollars.  I have not seen a set (locally) that was priced under $100.00 dollars, in over a decade. This was a heck of a find for the winner. Which sadly, was not me.

Now these melmac mixing bowls, came in oodles of colors. All of them pretty!

Melmac confetti mixing bowls
image from here.... and currently for sale~

There are some stains in the bottom of this set of red speckle mixing bowls. And from my own experience... they probably can be clean up within reason. These red confetti bowls are too pretty to end up in the trash. Not to take the chance to get them cleaned up.

I have gotten many... ugly dark stains... off white decorative melmac plates and coffee cups. By using Clorox liquid bleach and a Mr. Clean magic sponge. And my trusty purple Playtex gloves..

 image from here....

I will run a half sink of hot water and add a cup of liquid bleach to it. And drop ugly stained melmac item in the bath. Let it sit for a minute, to let the water/bleach bath to absorb into the plastic. Then start scrubbing with the sponge. It has worked wonders for me. 

Now this is a stunning set in olive green speckle melmac... also by Brookpark.
Melmac confetti mixing bowls
 image from here....

I love all the yellow specks in this set of confetti mixing bowls.

 image from here....

My goodness those are marvelous green mixing bowls.

Now I will mention that you could find the confetti style melmac in the dinnerware line. 

Melmac confetti mixing bowls dinnerware
image from here.... 

These are so fresh and summer looking! This set of confetti dinnerware was made for Boonton. 

The best part about these lovely vintage style mixing bowls, they are being currently produced by ZAKS. And can be purchase through Amazon - for a fairly low price. 

ZAKS confetti mixing bowls
Love the Orange!

ZAKS confetti mixing bowls
And this set in Pinks!

Monday, May 27, 2013

~ Hoosier style glassware.... Owens Illinois Glass the Forest Green set...

It has gotten to the point... I can not remember what I have bought. I have been collecting for so long... I just can not recall what all I have. 

I keep picking up random pieces of the dark green depression glassware during my thrift store adventures. The dark green glass that was used in the old style Hoosier cabinets. Which is also referred to as Owens Illinois Forest Green depression glass.

For this glassware to be depression era glass.... it does not get the same kind of devotion that the pale green depression glass receives. So it can be picked up for decent to cheap prices. 

And I finally have made it a point to drag it all together to get it photographed. To document exactly what I have on hand. These sweet Hoosier style pantry jars.

I have two different styles of these dark green jars... the ones with the diagonal ridges and the other with the waffle square block design... 

Since I had collected enough of the shakers over the years... I use them for random spice shakers. I am so use to looking at them daily, that I tend to forget that they are depression glass. 

I only have a few that are not in use in the pantry. All of them have their vintage aluminum lids. Which is a little gift from the thrifting gods. I hate having to hunt down lids for vintage shakers. 

I tend to keep cinnamon, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic salt... in these shakers. 

I even have a random clear glass shaker in this waffle pattern too.  There were full sets of this glassware made in clear too. I just have the one random shaker though...

The set with the diagonal ridges is shorter and broader, than the set with the square block design. 

But these pretty dark green glassware... are still plentiful and pretty easy to come across. So I keep on adding to the collection. 

Oddly enough.... Owens Illinois Glass company is still in business. Making new glass items to this day! 

And back this week.... ~Apron Thrift Girl!  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ Hazel Atlas.... more Monticello drinking glasses...

Hazel Atlas drinking glass tumbler pink
If there is one thing I love, it is vintage Hazel Atlas drinking glasses. It is a borderline obsession for me. I still hope to find a vintage Hazel Atlas catalog.... showing what all they produced through out the 1960's. Just so I can see what was made. 

Back a month or so... I was staring a set of mint in box.... Monticello in pink, drinking glasses.  That were priced a little too high for my cheapness. But it did not stop me from stalking them till they sold.   :)  They were just so pretty... 

So image my surprise when I stumble upon these.... 
Hazel Atlas drinking glass tumbler

It is the same Hazel Atlas - Monticello pattern - in white. And these are the jumbo size ice tea glasses that I adore.

I also picked up another Hazel Atlas designed glass... in turquoise too! 
Hazel Atlas drinking glass tumbler

The turquoise glass has interesting weave design on it... 

And now these new additions fit in so nicely with the ones already in my kitchen...
Hazel Atlas drinking glass tumbler

Be sure to check out all the thrifty 
finds this weekend at..... 

~ Lets look at some vintage Ekco cooking utensil's.... eBay style!

Once again I am lurking on eBay.... looking at the vintage Ekco utensils. The big sell points for me with these vintage Ekco's. Are the fact the melamine handles were suppose to be heat resistant. And the color handles held their color without fading. 

Below is how Ekco grouped their utensils. Which was determined by what kind of handle they had. Plus their actual cost is also listed too!

And there are a few interesting things up for sale in eBay.

Up first... is a set of the Ekco's with the vegetable theme handles. I believe this design is called "Spice".  Best part. They are mint in box. Just taken out to photograph them.

 image from the current auction...

I love it when they are so minty!

Next is an older set of Ekco utensils. Also mint in box. And a very interesting color. 

image from auction here... 

Is that a copper color handle? These have the wood handles that have been painted. And I love the looks of them. Clean simple handles.

This is a set of Ekco - Flint with their minty two piece box. These are probably late 60's. When the color brown started taking over kitchens.  The design name on the box is Sandalwood Wheat.

image from the auction here....

Though I am not fond of the color brown in my kitchen. These have a lovely design on the heat resistant handles.

image from the auction here...

These are a rare sighting for me. This set of Ekco's have a black handle with a white daisy. So cute! And there is 6 pieces! And they look to be in really nice shape too. 

image from the auction here....

Now these have a wonderful tulip design on the handles. Too cute for words! I will say that blue seems to have been a popular color, used on these Ekco melamine handle utensils.

Now these are the red plastic handles... the Aeriston style by Ekco. They are incredible. And still have their hang tags on them! Which were marked .49 cents! Each! Bought from the local Woolworth's.

(These have been relisted and currently for sale!)

It just thrills me to find anything vintage, for the kitchen, with their tags attached! 

image from the auction here....

The thing that has always impressed me with the vintage Ekco brand of utensils, is that they have held up for decades. And with basic care, they will continue to be beautiful for many more years too. 

ETA:Those wonderful red handle Ekco's sold for 172.50....