Thursday, April 18, 2013

~ When Pink and Orange met.... the colorful years.....

As I roam through Pinterest... I see the most amazing things. At some point in the mid 60's.... the colors of pink and orange met in many advertising campaigns

And all kinds of goodness came from that meeting!

I can recall so many ladies loved that orange lipstick for many years. Way past its expiration date. :)  

What is more amazing to me is how flawless their makeup was applied. This is decades before Photoshop came to town and could make anyone look perfect. Where you had to have some talent to put together a flawless looking face. 

And they all have exquisite eyebrows too!

This is also the same time frame when liquid eyeliner became a girls best friend. Look at how fabulous her eyes are.... they are perfect!

And this little visit to the 60's would not be complete without seeing some Sassy Stewardess in their new outfits!

How awesome are those outfits!  Tiny orange shorts with their matching patent leather orange boots!


ImagiMeri said...

Egads, that just reminds me of the bedroom I shared with my little sister from the early 70's. We had striped wallpaper that was orange, lime green, yellow, pink and white. We also had the requisite "flower power" decals all over our closet door in hot pink, orange, lime green and yellow. We also had these huge, orange/amber colored, spanish style hanging lights with black wrought iron fixtures......worth a fortune these days.


Farm Girl Pink... said...

I really was surprise to see how much the pink and orange color scheme, was all over the place.

But it does explain the vintage pillow cases that I have, which are pink and orange striped. :)