Saturday, April 06, 2013

~ New finds... Pyrex Butterprint and Corningware Cornflower.....

I recently came across a new thrift store. Quite by chance. I had a little time to kill waiting to fetch my Daddy from a doctor's appointment.  I actually was headed to Sonic to get a cherry limeade.... when I spotted the store. 

And I was not disappointed in what I saw. Which is rare for me. 

Out of the 8 thrift stores that I tend to visit. Only 2 of them are really worth the time. And both of them are no where near my home. So this was a great surprise for me. This store is near my parents home. So I am near it at least once a week. Woo-hoo! 

These are the three things I purchased. That was done in two different trips.

New to my Pyrex collection is the Butterprint refrigerator storage dish. And it needs a good scrubbing. (now done!)
Yet, the turquoise print is still shiny under that baked stain. And the cost was fair. Since it had its lid... I am all about having the lids. Even if I know I got to scrub them clean. I rather have a dirty lid than no lid at all! :) 
And the reverse side is nice too!
I had saw another Pyrex refrigerator dish, the first time I went. It was the yellow one. That was so badly faded, that I had to assume it had been yellow in a previous life. And it was marked 5.99!
I was thrilled to find this Corningware Cornflower roaster platter. Now it is missing two parts. There was a handled tray that this roaster sat in. Plus it should have a metal trivet tray that sits down in the center of it also. But to be honest. I really don't want them. I really just have use for this roaster alone. 
And it was priced within reason too! So it now has a new home with my crazy collection of cornflower items. That I keep telling myself... I am not collecting! :)
 Okay maybe I have a few things with the Cornflower motif....
Maybe I am collecting that blue cornflower kitchen stuff. But it has not turned into an obsession yet. ha! :)

I also came across two of these cheery blue and green place-mats too.
Which made the trip home with me.... they are pale blue and jadeite green striped. But again, I lack the ability to understand why green linens look blue in my pictures. 

If you have never visited the Pyrex Collective II... you really should.... it has amazing posts about Pyrex finds from other collectors... with lots of pictures!


Mecky said...

Great find!! My mom use to scour the thrift stores for the Butterprint pyrex. She had a great collection. My sister has it now. It is a huge collection.

Mom also has some of the cornflower. My niece has most of that. I did bring home her cup. It is a plastic cup to the collection. She only had the one.

Don't you hate it when you find old pyrex faded so badly? people started putting them in the dishwasher which is the worst thing anyone can do to them.

ColibriNB said...

You have a great "non-collection" going there!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I love collecting the vintage glass and vintage Pyrex.

But I have to be realistic about what to collect. There is only so much room to store it in.

As much as I adore mixing bowls. They are a huge pain to store.

So I have gotten somewhat picky about bringing vintage glass and/or Pyrex home... in the last decade.

My first visit to this newly located thrift store... they had a complete set of Corelle Buttterfly Gold on the shelf. For 13.99 - which is a huge bargain!

But I had no use for it.

Needless to say it was not there four days later, when I went back for my second visit.

But when I saw that turquoise Butterprint... I snatched it up! Telling myself I can find a place for it in the cabinet! :)