Monday, April 15, 2013

~ The most amazing Kitchen.... so much to take in...

I have no idea what this advertisement was attempting to sale. I only could find it cropped down to this image. But dang there is a lot of great things in this kitchen to fawn all over. 

Starting with those aluminum turquoise canisters!

I also spy a couple of the Pyrex glass measuring cups with the red print... and is that a coffee pot? 

I now see those yellow handle Ekco cooking utensils hanging on the wall... with the Ekco cooking knife collection in their wood holder. And is that a bolted down can opener hanging from under neath the cabinet there? 

Also hanging out on that cabinet are those yellow square shakers... with a wood handle strainer.

Now residing up in those white steel cabinets... is more vintage goodness... 

Those wonderful turquoise lid pans are Hallite from Wear Ever. And those are amazing. And practically impossible to find with their turquoise lids intact. 

In case you have not came across these wonderful aluminum pans of perfection before.... 

I have seen many of the pans with their copper lids... but those turquoise lids have been impossible for me to locate locally. 

Now granted these are just as pretty to look at. But I really like to have a couple of the turquoise lidded ones!

Any who.... I was distracted there for a moment... staring at those amazing Hallite pots. 

Lets get back to the other great items in this kitchen!

Like the snowflake Pyrex.... and the Coffee pot and that carafe/juice pitcher on the refrigerator.

And this wonderful pink enamel stock pot with its matching lid... 

Ohhh and the copper molds.... which I have only used these type of molds for jell-o. 

I am still curious about that pink mixing bowl with that grey foot. Never seen one before. 

And now one more look at what has to be the most amazing kitchen. Ever. 

Are those tiny magnets above the stove... hanging on the white steel cabinet doors?! How cute!  There is just too much to take in.... so many great vintage items!

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