Thursday, April 11, 2013

~ More Apron goodness... with reddish pink florals!

Okay girls...  here I have a sweet, yet sassy apron... one I could see it may have once been used for a party hostess. It has lots of interesting detail. With splashes of pink, red, lilac and yellow in the flowers.
The underskirt for this apron is sheer. With the green ric rac detail. It is an interesting apron with a lot of craftsmanship involved. 

I would love to have a couple yards of this pink checked cotton fabric... it is just divine.

Next, I have what is probably a apron made for a smaller teenage girl. It has short ties... and a generally smaller cut skirt. 

And this apron has these charming reddish pink tulips! With perfectly matched ric rac!

And thankfully this sweet little apron has no issues. No noticeable stains.. no tears... just all kinds of pretty!  I used it when I was showing off my vintage Pink Sunbeam Iron this past weekend.... it's just so pretty!

I did take a couple more pictures of my pink apron with the Belle. I made a point to get a better look at her face and skirt this time... and even her red shoes!

So pretty! I wish it was easier to find fabrics with these wonderful type of prints.. to purchase..

 I really do enjoy having these beauties in my collection.... 

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Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

lovely aprons! Found you via Rednesday!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just love your vintage aprons. The belle is so precious. Hard to believe they are still around, isn't it? I don't think todays aprons will last 50 or 60 years! :) Pam

Stacey Johnson said... them all

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I am hoping to extend the life of most of my vintage cotton goods... by never putting them in the dryer.

I made myself a nice little clothes line to hang my vintage cotton things from... after they are washed.

The dryer is the devil on good cotton. Plus to me, the cotton material now used... is not really a decent 100% cotton. And I find that truly annoying.