Saturday, April 20, 2013

~ Lot's of new pink plaid... for my kitchen!

I am a girl that becomes dedicated to certain things. Like cleaning products. I have a lot of love for Gain cleaning products. I love the smell of Mr. Clean with Gain. I use Gain detergent (Hawaiian Aloha smell) on my clothes... and use their liquid (Honeyberry Hula) dish soap in my kitchen sink.

Yet, I can not necessarily find it consistently stocked in any store. With the exception of Dollar General.  They always have my Gain products, on the shelf. So I was in need of a few things and stopped off at Dollar General to pick them up. 

And that is where I came across these amazing pink plaid beauties. Of course I am late in finding them... and it required two trips to two different stores to find the three pot holders. I still want another pink plaid mitt! 

Did I mention that they had these matching cotton towels too? I already know I will be hitting up a few more stores to buy more of the pink plaid!

I also purchased the blue and pink plaid oven mitt....

It really is a sickness with me and plaid. I love plaid. I will not even mention how many plaid items I have in my closet.

I will mention that there were other colors to this line of kitchen things... purple, pink and turquoise. They were done in stripes and floral. But I wanted the pink plaid ones... so they were left behind. 

The best part.... they were a dollar each! I tend to wear out my kitchen towels quickly. So I have made it my quest to find at least another 3 of each one of them... so maybe I will have all their pink plaid cuteness in my kitchen, all year. :)

And I want mention... if you ever want to try out some great dishwasher powder. That will leave your kitchen smelling amazing afterwards.... 

The Cascade with Gain.... is what you need. I bought these on a fluke and have fell in love. Geez' I love the smell of these products!  

Yet, my all time favorite smell was from the original Oxydol laundry detergent. And I have not seen any of it to buy, since Minyards Grocery stores went out of business. :( 


Stacey Johnson said...

Super cute! I love when you can find stuff like that at dollar stores!

ThrifterSisters said...

I love those dish towels and would have bought them in a second. They definitely have a vintage look to them so I wouldn't have to freak out if someone actually tried to use them! We don't have Dollar General's in our area:-(