Friday, April 05, 2013

~ Jennyware in White... the clear collection...

The Jeannette Jennyware in white/clear glass... has not been easy for me to find. Which seems odd. Normally it is the colored vintage glass, that can give you a headache looking for all the pieces. 

Not this time. It has been this clear set, that has been un-findable for me.

But I did come across something odd, with the two shakers I did locate. The one on the left. It does not have the flat panel for a sticker.  (And I need to spray paint its lid!) Since these lids are a little too pricey to replace... it is going to be spray painted in the near future.
I have looked through my glassware collector books... and have not found a mention about this oddity. It is the same size shaker... has the same size lid as the rest of my Jennyware shakers. Just no where to add a sticker.  Very odd indeed.
This one you can see the flat panel where the "salt" sticker goes. 

Now just a quick glimpse with the two ultramarine measuring cups...geez those ultramarine cup are so pretty.  I am hoping I can find the time to do some photographing this weekend. I have a couple new fun vintage things, that I found this week... that I want to show off...

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