Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~ Fire King.... the vintage measuring cup....

Well lookie there! I have finally found the one measuring cup, I had given up on finding. The Fire King measuring cup with the dark blue print. 

Seriously, as ordinary as it looks, it had taken me forever to come across one to bring home.  There is nothing rare or hard to find (technically) about it. But this is the first one I came across in person.  I have always been a collector, that likes to find my treasures in person, when I can. And this cup just eluded me for the last decade, till recently.

And the printing is still decent on it too! You will notice it has only standard measuring marks on it. No metric measurements. 

I pulled down the other Fire King measuring cup I had on hand... to show off my new addition. 

Yep! That is the Philbe blue - Fire King measuring cup. Making the time to pose with my new addition.

Now I did come across something bizarre at the thrift store last month. Two blue measuring cups. That are similar in color to the Fire King Phlibe line....

These are not vintage. One I could make out the mark of  "Made in Brazil". 

The bigger of the two measuring cups...  is a two cupper. I assuming these were mass produced and stocked somewhere locally. But I really like that they were pale blue in color.  :) 

Their color really is close to my vintage Fire King cup...

The vintage Philbe measuring cup is on the right... but the newer cups are a pretty shade of blue too. And are a nice looking piece of glass. I just never saw them before and was intrigued by the color of them. So they came home to live with me. :) 

And here is one more look, at the vintage Fire King one cupper, in with the navy blue print.  It is the simple things that bring me such happiness, with collecting the vintage kitchen wares. 

As much as I love this table cloth... it was a poor choice to have photograph my measuring cups on... :)

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I love vintage measuring cups too and understand your excitement!