Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ Corningware Blue Cornflower.... Pie plates...

 Okay... maybe I am seeing a pattern develop. I keep finding myself with new Cornflower stuff making its way home with me. This time it was pie plates riding home with me from the sale.

But I could not leave those pie plates behind! They are in wonderful shape. And I love using them. 

So I manage to convince myself, I had room for these in the cabinet. 

I also picked up a couple of the Corelle hook handle cups too. 

I already had the Butterfly Gold ones... so I only purchased two of the solid white ones.

I use these oddly shaped cups all the time. And I showed restraint, by not buying all eight of the solid whites ones that were on the shelf for sale. Even with them only being .39 cents each! 

I also found a odd little child's play dish. That has a familiar looking blue floral motif. 

This is looks to be a random dish to a play set of dishes. Even though it looks large here... it's not. Those two Corningware Cornflower dishes behind it.... are the small individual size bowls.

The sales are starting to pick back up .... so I didn't even roam into any of the thrift stores in the last couple of weeks.  Yea!

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ThrifterSisters said...

The sales are picking up here too. I didn't go into one thrift store last week which is super rare for me!

I love those pie plates too. I have a stack of Pyrex ones and have allowed myself a couple of the Corning. A girl can't have too many pie plates!


Melissa said...

My Grandma uses those same pie plates that she got as a gift however many decades ago. She loves them!
Glad your sales are starting to pick up!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

The best time for sales locally is from March to June. By late June the heat here starts to get brutal.

It does not cool off at night during the Summer months. At all. It will stay 90 all night long. Which means it is already 90 by 8am.

I really do find myself using the pie plates a lot. Yet, I never use them for actually baking a pie. :)

Jenn said...

Sorry I'm posting this on an older post, but check Harmony House or Taylor Smith patterns for your bowl. TS made china for Sears, which was sold under the Harmony House line.

I collect pieces from Taylor Smith, and my best friend collects a Harmony House pattern. Your bowl looks like it's the same shape/size of ours. From what I read online, those were the dessert bowls :)