Thursday, April 18, 2013

~ Cannon Towels .... the vintage years...

I am a girl that loves a quality cotton towel. Especially in beautiful bold colors! I saw this vintage advertisement with the turquoise Cannon towels... and fell in love. 

I have been recently been looking at new towels, for my bathroom. And I am going to be honest. I have not been impress with the quality, I am encountering. I want a great nap on  my towels. I want a 100% cotton towel. And what I am seeing is just lacking. Plus I have harped on this before... but cotton towels are not what they used to be. At all. 

Plus I am not exactly loving the options in colors for new towels either. I wanted to buy towels with a little "pop" in their looks. 

I am not remotely interested in buying boring beige, taupe or mocha... or what ever fancy name for the color brown that is used nowadays. :) 

So as I got online to look and see what I could find to purchase. I ran across these vintage advertisements for towels. Where of course, I saw many towels I would love to have in my bathroom.

Even in the 1940's Cannon offered Lilac and Pink color towels for your bathroom. Plus that is just a cute ad in general!

More great Cannon towels in fantastic colors! 

That is a wonderful pink floral towel on her arm... I want to have that kind of towel in my bathroom! A pretty Cannon pink floral towel would make me happy... 

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