Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~ Fire King.... the vintage measuring cup....

Well lookie there! I have finally found the one measuring cup, I had given up on finding. The Fire King measuring cup with the dark blue print. 

Seriously, as ordinary as it looks, it had taken me forever to come across one to bring home.  There is nothing rare or hard to find (technically) about it. But this is the first one I came across in person.  I have always been a collector, that likes to find my treasures in person, when I can. And this cup just eluded me for the last decade, till recently.

And the printing is still decent on it too! You will notice it has only standard measuring marks on it. No metric measurements. 

I pulled down the other Fire King measuring cup I had on hand... to show off my new addition. 

Yep! That is the Philbe blue - Fire King measuring cup. Making the time to pose with my new addition.

Now I did come across something bizarre at the thrift store last month. Two blue measuring cups. That are similar in color to the Fire King Phlibe line....

These are not vintage. One I could make out the mark of  "Made in Brazil". 

The bigger of the two measuring cups...  is a two cupper. I assuming these were mass produced and stocked somewhere locally. But I really like that they were pale blue in color.  :) 

Their color really is close to my vintage Fire King cup...

The vintage Philbe measuring cup is on the right... but the newer cups are a pretty shade of blue too. And are a nice looking piece of glass. I just never saw them before and was intrigued by the color of them. So they came home to live with me. :) 

And here is one more look, at the vintage Fire King one cupper, in with the navy blue print.  It is the simple things that bring me such happiness, with collecting the vintage kitchen wares. 

As much as I love this table cloth... it was a poor choice to have photograph my measuring cups on... :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

~ Pyrex and those Cinderella bowls... and something rare...

I am never bored looking back at the vintage advertisements for Pyrex.  I can recall my Mother having these Cinderella bowls in her kitchen. Everyone seemed to have had some turquoise Butterprint in their kitchens.

And these charming mixing bowls could be yours too, for $4.95 ... and the cook and serve Butterprint bowls would put you out $3.95 and that price included their lids too.

The Pyrex chip and dip set, that utilizes two of those Cinderella bowls... was also priced at $3.95 including the little metal arm. 

So as I am clicking through Pinterest.... I saw a set of Pyrex that I had no idea was even produced. How about some grey Cinderella bowls.... 

image from here.... but I followed it to the Flickr account here...

Those are really some lovely bowls... and I had no clue that these even existed, till this picture popped up in Pinterest search for Pyrex.  I love learning something new about items that I collect.  :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ Corningware Blue Cornflower.... Pie plates...

 Okay... maybe I am seeing a pattern develop. I keep finding myself with new Cornflower stuff making its way home with me. This time it was pie plates riding home with me from the sale.

But I could not leave those pie plates behind! They are in wonderful shape. And I love using them. 

So I manage to convince myself, I had room for these in the cabinet. 

I also picked up a couple of the Corelle hook handle cups too. 

I already had the Butterfly Gold ones... so I only purchased two of the solid white ones.

I use these oddly shaped cups all the time. And I showed restraint, by not buying all eight of the solid whites ones that were on the shelf for sale. Even with them only being .39 cents each! 

I also found a odd little child's play dish. That has a familiar looking blue floral motif. 

This is looks to be a random dish to a play set of dishes. Even though it looks large here... it's not. Those two Corningware Cornflower dishes behind it.... are the small individual size bowls.

The sales are starting to pick back up .... so I didn't even roam into any of the thrift stores in the last couple of weeks.  Yea!

Be sure to check out all the great finds for the week at... 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

~ More Tala goodness... the bread box!

As I was doing my daily check of eBay... I saw something incredible. 

And since I had previously posted about Tala baking and kitchen wares that I already own... here is the matching bread box to the canister set. That I do not own.

image from the auction here....

That has to be the best looking bread box I have ever encounter. And I am depressed that it is located in the UK. Where it would require at least $55.00 in postage to get it to my home. :(

But lets look at some pictures of it!
This one shows the Tala markings on the bottom...

image from the auction here....

Again... $55.00 in postage alone... to get it to my front porch. :( 

But as I continue to roam in eBay... I come across these.... 

 image from auction here...

Its the pastry cutters with the crinkle edges! With their original tin canister! And 16.00 worth of postage could get them to my front door... :(  

I also realize that these vintage Tala items were sold in the US. Oodles of them. So they have made it on my list of kitchen things, I will hunt for on my adventures.  Especially that bread box... :)

I did come across a amazing Tala booklet with images of what was produced for the Tala Kitchen wares line...

I can truly appreciate a vintage listing, of what all can be located for a line of kitchen wares.... and this one is incredible.

ETA: It sold! For 87.60 US dollars... for the bread box... 
and 50.45 USD for the pastry cutters...  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

~ Heywood Wakefield.... Lilac and Chartreuse!

My goodness... I just found a new love.... lilac Heywood chairs! I was so taken with this dinette set.... it is nearly as good as my original love for the dining set with the pink...

What is even more fun is this set of chartreuse colored living room furniture from Heywood...

I really do love their sectionals. I love the clean straight lines... and no crazy pillow back sofa! Just good clean lines to these vintage beauties.

Have I mention, that Heywood Wakefield is very much still in business? Producing their wonderful vintage line. If you ever get to wondering about the cost of the vintage dining set being pricey. Go take a peek at the new stuff. Top quality does not come cheap. :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~ Vintage Tala... Made in England!

Now as a collector of vintage kitchen items, I enjoy the vintage baking items the most. 

Tala is a brand of baking items that were made in England. 

That seem to have been a well stocked item for many kitchens decades ago here in the US. They are still very much in business to this day. With an incredible line of things to buy. 

The current line of Tala, is this wonderful retro looking 1960's line of items. I love the use of turquoise for these. Love that Sugar shaker!

In my personal collection of baking goodies.... I have a set of the vintage Tala cookie cutters.

So as I am looking through the vintage Tala items.... I realize I have something else from this vintage line. I have the Tala pastry cutters too!

I had picked these up at a local sale for a dollar, a year or so ago. Thinking they were fancy looking biscuit cutters. :)   Well it seems they are the pastry cutters from Tala.

This is a picture of the the pastry cutters in their original red tin can... that I unfortunately do not own. I wish my cutters had came with this divine vintage tin!

The newer Tala pastry cutters have an updated handle.... and a dazzling new blue can.
This is actually the pastry cutters with the crinkled edges. I love these blue tin cans!

There are other Tala baking items from the vintage baking line...

Which were advertised on the box of cookie cutters.

I am now on the hunt for the Tala icing set, to add to my little collection. Hoping I can find it in its original box. :)

Be sure to take a peek at all the wonderful things at...

**vintage Tala images from here...