Monday, March 04, 2013

~ Vintage kitchens.... how about some Lilac love!

Oh my goodness. Those are some exquisite lilac steel cabinets! And look at that incredible island style stove. That is a work of art. I have an aunt who would pay good money to have that style of kitchen in her home. She just loves the Lilac.... 

Are those turquoise counter tops I spy with that lilac kitchen? How amazing is that lilac stove?!?  I ask again.... why don't we have more things like this to choose from when decorating our kitchens? 

Why is every last thing about updating a kitchen now.... is alllll about stainless steel? Ugh. 

Now lets rinse that thought of stainless steel appliances out of your mind... and look at some vintage goodness in this vintage Tupperware advertisement. I have always loved those vintage pastel shades from Tupperware.

I would be so thrilled to see some lilac, turquoise or pink appliance options. Do you year me General Electric - Whirlpool? The appliance market needs some color added to it . Pronto! :)

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