Saturday, March 23, 2013

~ Vintage Aprons.... some Lilac goodness...

More goodness from my stash of vintage aprons. I have always found this one interesting. It uses a odd cotton blend for the base of the skirt. 

Look closely and you can see the pattern. It has the feel of cotton towels that I have from the 50's. Kind of looks and feels like the same weave used for thermal underwear! But in this case this weave really does absorb moisture. 

Then to add to this cuteness of this lilac apron is the purple print design trim. That has a nice paisley/leaf design to it. 

Now this lilac beauty looks to be an earlier made apron... maybe late 1930's to the early 1940's. 

This is a pretty common style of apron, that I see on my adventures... with the pockets being done in a solid color... attached to a print skirt.  

I love this lilac rose print... with the tiny polka dot background.

I really do like the finishing touches on this apron... with the ties having been trimmed out with the solid lilac material from the pocket...

Again these were part of my apron collection that either my great grandmother... or her Mother had made.  That now lives in my kitchen. I have not hoarded most of them back. They all had some kind of stains on them... so I made the decision to keep them out for use. So I swap them out every so often, like I do my older kitchen towels. The kitchen drawer I use for this stuff, will only hold so much. :) 

I do laundry them in the washer... but I never put them in the dryer. Something about that dryer heat, seems to rot the old cotton items really quickly. Even using fabric softener on them does not stop it. So I line dry them in the laundry room, to help keep any damage to a minimum. 

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