Friday, March 01, 2013

~ Turquoise love... vintage style...

I recently had a conversation about the color turquoise. How it was just as popular as pink was, during the mid-century period. That turquoise was used in vintage homes just like the color pink.  

From the fun turquoise things in the kitchen... to vintage Kroehler turquoise furniture in the living rooms... 
Turquoise was simply a fabulous color to add to any room. 

I was knocked out over the beauty of this vintage Kroehler turquoise sofa.... it is gorgeous!
image from here....

(That is a work of perfection from Kroehler furniture. Allegedly,  the original Kroehler company is out of business. But there are a couple of current furniture companies who use the name brand. But in their heyday... they made the best looking furniture.)

Now I realize... years too late... that I should have been buying more turquoise, when I was buying the pink stuff.  So I looked in my cabinets to see what I had out.
 Of course I have more Hazel Atlas glasses. I love these blue diamond girls. These are the large sized ice tea glasses. I have lots of these big glasses... with all kinds of colors used on them.
At one point these large glasses were used as a cocktail shaker too! They came with a special snap on lid... so you could shake those martini's for the cocktail party!

But I use these glasses as my daily beverage glasses. Mostly filled with ice tea. 
And since this one had the turquoise flower... I added it to the page. 
But while I was digging for things... I pulled out a few bowls. 

First up... the Taylor Smith & Taylor... TS&T... bouillon sized bowl.
Next I have the Fire King cereal bowl....
Which was done with the fired on color technique. The Fire King named is embossed on the bottom. But I could not get it to show up in the picture.
Then I have the bowl... which I suspect was sold with cottage cheese in it. 
These were also done with the fired on color technique.

I actually have some Shenango china in turquoise too! Not just my pink stuff... 
These Shenango bowls are also the bouillon sized bowls too.

So I guess the question is.... how much turquoise do you have in your kitchen?!?

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