Sunday, March 24, 2013

~ Random things.... Link Party for Treats!

I do a lot of cooking. Lots of baking. I am a girl, that loves to find a great link party for new ideas. 

And this past week has to be one of the best examples of a great link party for cute baking ideas...

So I am sharing... what has to be one of the best round ups of recipes, I have seen in awhile...  located at "Back for Seconds" .... linked here....

One of the best things linked there, is the homemade chocolate covered eggs... with the marshmallow centers! 

I made batch of these marshmallow eggs this past week. I needed something interesting for a meeting this week at work... so I took a gamble.  Instead of taking in cookies... I made marshmallow eggs!

And holy cow... they actually turned out. I tend to struggle with making marshmallows. I attempted to do the Martha Stewart recipe more than once. And failed. Badly. 

Then I saw this link for these marshmallow eggs! And these turned out for me! So if you want to make something new and fun for Easter... I am pointing you to this recipe....

(*the cookie images were from The Berry... for I do not have the talent to make such incredible looking cookies!*)

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