Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ Pink Bathrooms.... the vintage years of gorgeous...

image from here....

I recently saw that stunningly gorgeous pink star burst wallpaper.... and decided that it was perfection. If I could snap my fingers and make it happen... I would have my bathroom walls covered in that exquisite pink wallpaper.

With the matching porcelain cast iron bath tub, sink and commode. 

That at one time, all three could be purchased for $279.00!
Have you priced the cost of a new porcelain cast iron tub lately? Go look and give yourself some heart palpitations at that cost. 

The cost of these sinks in this vintage advertisement .... are a dream come true to anyone trying to buy new today...

I completely understand why so many people doing renovations, in their mid century homes, go looking for the vintage tubs, sinks and commodes. You would have to just to get the quality of the old.  Other wise you would have to go take out a personal loan to buy them new.

I have such a huge dislike for the new acrylic/fiberglass style tubs. They are practically impossible to keep white. And they seem to be the go to style of bath tub, used in the last 15 years of new construction. 

Then again... I have seen the prices on the traditional cast iron porcelain, new in the box.  :)  And those prices are scary. So living with that acrylic/fiberglass style tub... is here to stay.

Anywho.... I still dream of a pink bathroom with the good stuff. 

I love that corner tub. But I can see a constant issue with water all over the floor after taking a shower in it. 

Love the use of navy with the pink. 

I am assuming this was a concept bathroom and not put into actual use. That wood panel wall is not a do able thing for a well used bathroom. But it is sure is pretty. And that circle pattern wallpaper brings a lot of sass to this room.
Then I saw this wonderful pink and black bathroom... with splashes of chartreuse! I love the unexpected use of that chartreuse with all that black tile. 

If you go back to the top picture of the perfect pink bathroom.... there is even polka dotted pink items in the shelf's by the tub. I love the small decorative touches that these pictures show.


Mecky said...

Would you believe that we tore out our 60's bathroom about 5 years ago. Yes, all of thos wonderful pink tile, out the door. We were putting in a claw foot tub but ended up keeping the tub that was in there. It is like the pink one with the narrow front, only mine is white. Sadly we tossed the white round sink like the one in the picture.
It may of been remodeled in the 60's but honestly, it was bad and had to go. I do wish I would of saved those tiles though. They don't make them like they use to.

ThrifterSisters said...

I was at the recycling center the other day looking for an old sink for my laundry room and saw several old pink bathroom sinks. I begged my husband to let me get a pink one and he was fine with it so now I have to think if I really want to commit to pink in my laundry room. What a guy, though!


Farm Girl Pink... said...

It is hard how to use pink in a bathroom or laundry room... and have it not be over powering. Pink is just so.... PINK. haha!

My grandmother's on suite bathroom in her home... was a vintage pink bathroom. And she always kept splashed of pale blue or pale yellow around to soften all that pink.