Saturday, March 16, 2013

~ Hazel Atlas - Royal Lace in Green... pitcher and glasses

It is crazy, what one will get obsessed about when collecting vintage glass. 

Like for instance, I have some sicko fascination for Hazel Atlas glassware. I can be in a antique store/mall... filled with exquisite vintage glass. Yet somehow I end up always purchasing the stuff made by my favorite girl... Hazel. 

Which brings me to this collection. Royal Lace by Hazel Atlas. Of course my collection is in green. Because that is what I do. I collect green depression glass. Just to drive my self crazy. 

And this wonderful Royal Lace water pitcher, with the ice lip... took forever to acquire.

Look at that beautiful girl. She is perfection. And big too! I believe she holds around 48 ounces.

Of course I have the drinking glasses too!
I have two different sets. One is a water glass and the smaller ones are the juice glass.
Now the charm of this pattern is the three roses embossed on the glass. And I found it a little difficult to get a good picture to show off that design.

I decided this was the best image of those roses.
Technically when I started to collect the depression glass... I was wanting to have, what I called, a Lemonade set. And I got that idea after seeing a perfect set of vintage green glassware in a movie.

Yes, a movie.

In the last 15 minutes of  "The Color Purple".... there was a scene with one of the actresses holding a gorgeous green pitcher with drinking glasses. On a serving tray. And that image stuck with me how pretty that glass was with the light filtering through it. 

Plus I was in love with the Celie's kitchen in that movie. Whomever did the set design and then stocked it with all that vintage glass... did a heck of a job.
So I needed to build a drinking set. So here we are. Royal Lace in green.
And of course there is much more to this collection, besides the pitcher and glasses. :)  Maybe I will do a post about the place setting for this Royal Lace.... that I happen to have!

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Barbara F. said...

I love Depression glass, and Hazel Atlas. Lovely pieces you have. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo

Martha said...

I love Depression Glass -- yours is very pretty and how great that you have glasses and a pitcher.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Love Green depression glass. It's the color I collect. I love the shape of your glasses.

Denise Marie said...

love the set!

Pam Kessler said...

Your pitcher is amazing. I don't think I'v ever seen one before in real life. Great set to have around the house!

Unknown said...

I have this pitcher found it in the attic when I moved into my home over 47 years ago.