Friday, March 08, 2013

~ Fire King - Vintage cookware.... it's eBay time again!

I watched this item close without any bids.... and the seller/owner has relisted it. 

And it is amazing. Mint in Box.... vintage Fire King cookware. Those labels are so adorable in the bottom of the dishes.

This is were I struggle with myself. I love the nrfb and/or Mint box stuff. But having room to display it properly always gets in my way. So it is why I try to buy, what I have room to store and use. 

And this a wonderful set minty Fire King cookware. That I would never be able to bring myself to remove the labels and use it. Packing it up to hoard it, seems dumb to me too. This is something that needs its space to be displayed and shown off! Lets hope it can find a home with someone who can display it!

So go take a peek at it! Just to drool over the pictures...

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