Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ Easter Swap Goodness! Let's look into that magical box!

As mention earlier.... I was part of the Easter Swap at ~It's a Very Cherry World! And I was partner up with Meri from ImagiMeri's Creations....

Meri sent me a magical box filled with wonderful things... Lot's of vintage ephemera... which I adore.

I also got a egg covered in chickens! And I love chickens! My sassy Easter egg, has Snickers Easter eggs inside of it! (the pink cup is part of my Shenango dinnerware... I needed it here to hold my new egg!)

I also received some wonderful crafty things... like a wooden vintage spool with the color threads sniped out to form a halo of beauty! Plus two incredible wooden clothes pins, decorate with plaid and floral's! So pretty!  The small white envelope with the pink rose has tiny crystal beads in it. That I realize that I did not get a picture of those beads... till I was working on this post!

These are more images of the Easter goodies...

There were two vintage feather birds too... hanging onto a strawberry!

Included were 5 individual vintage children's playing cards with the best images!

Then there was some gorgeous vintage cotton fabrics and lace included in this magical box of goodness...

Aren't they pretty!

Then of course there is the Easter Bunny too! Holding onto a painted wooden egg... 

Jack Rabbit is all over the place too.... sprucing up the place!  Along with the 4 pastel color Easter baskets... that I just happen to have some speckled eggs to fill them with.... (I love those Whopper malt speckled eggs they have for Easter)

Then here is a bigger view of the goodies...

This next pretty thing... is one of Meri's custom shadow boxes. Done in pinks and greens!

Which posed me a challenge to photograph and get the detail to show up.  There is oodles of tiny details to see.... like that strawberry background... and the vintage christmas balls in pinks and green. 

Even the exterior of the shadow box is detailed out too!

And finally a nice view of the box... with a big shadow hiding the detail. :)  I swear one day, I am going to figure out how to take a decent picture. 

And of course that stunning pink and turquoise apron!

I want to thank Meri again for all the lovely items! 
It was such a joy to have her as a partner in this Easter Swap!


Laura said...

What wonderful group goodies! Meri is so generous! I love the little shadow box that she made you, it is so pretty :)
Have a Happy Easter!

Astrid said...

Wow! Lucky you:) You have received lots of vintage treasure from Meri! Love the apron and shadowbox.
Happy Easter

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wow~ Amazing swap treasures! I'm always in awe of the creativity of bloggers. Oh my, that shadowbox is fabu.

Make sure you visit this week to sign up for my Giveaway, OK? :) Pam

Mecky said...

Oh she spoiled you big time! How neat! She sent you some pretty cool things.

Happy Easter