Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~ Aprons with Red and pink... and my favorite tea cups...

More aprons from my pile. These are the ones with red on them. 

This apron has a great ruffle waist band. With the red, white and blue trim. I never get bored with looking at the craftsmanship, that went into making these beauties. There is lots of hand stitching involved. Not just machine stitching.

I consider this one my holiday apron. It has a full skirt. 

The base of the skirt is made with feed sack material. So it has held up really well for being probably 60 years old. :)  And with the bold red and green trim... means I wash it in cold water and promptly hang it up to dry. So the colors have never bled. 

And they both starch up and look so pretty, when I take the time to get it done!

Next I have my favorite tea cup. 

This is a wonderful over sized tea cup made by Shaffordshire china. I think the pattern is called Fox Hunt.  

I only have 4 cups and saucers. I bought them for serving hot chocolate.

And they do make excellent cups for any hot beverage.  I wish I had the forethought to have purchased a tea pot to match them....

Be sure to check out all the amazing red things with week at....


ImagiMeri said...

Love the first, love, love flowers! Your Stafforshire teacups and saucers are to die for. Having been to England many times, I love all things English.

Have a lovely Easter,

Mecky said...

Those are great aprons!!

A teapot for the cup would of been sweet!!