Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ 1847 Rogers Bros. Flatware.... Anniversary pattern....

Along with all the other odd things I keep for daily use in my kitchen. My daily flatware is the old silver plated setting made by Rogers Bros. This pattern came on the market in 1923 for a couple of years. And the name for my favorite pattern.... is Anniversary. 

I can not even begin to explain what a nightmare it is, to collect silver plated anything...  with "Anniversary" as its pattern name. 
There are two styles of forks and knifes for this set. The solid handle and hollow handle. I prefer the bigger handle ones. Which is the hollow handle version. They have a nice weight to them.

The one thing drew me to this pattern... was the simple design on the handles. I had bought and polished misc serving pieces from odd patterns... that had all kinds of detail.  

For my daily needs, for setting a table, I learned quickly to find one that didn't have so many grooves to the design. And yes, I put this stuff in the dishwasher.
I had to borrow an image.... that was not fuzzy... to show the detail... 
My camera skills are too lacking to do close ups.

But this simple design stops it from being a nightmare... when I decide to polish all my flatware. Which is about once a year.
I love these round cream soup spoons. The smaller one is the child's version. 

Yet, there is still three other spoons to eat with....
But I use the bigger soup spoons as servers.

Now the best part of collecting the old silver plated flatware... is that you can find it for fairly cheap prices. If you are a shopper of flea markets and estate/garage sales... look for it. Especially at the flea markets. 

Most dealers will not do the polishing, in order to get the bigger price. And this flatware can be really ugly, when it has not been polished in four decades. 
So do a little negotiation if you see a set you like at the flea market. It is heavy to haul around. And that makes most dealers willing to sell cheaper, if you got cash to pay for it. Just a bit of advice... never haggle over a price unless you have cash in hand.

You have to be able to look past the tarnish to see the quality of these sets. Which I do. I don't mind all the polishing. If it is a decent set of flatware. For at least 8.

I have a wonderful set up of Tarn-x and paste polish that makes it sparkle... just like it is brand new.  Plus it helps me work out any pent up annoyances... to sit and polish my forks.  :)

 And now a little Easter Greetings from me to you!
I love this postcard....
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Phyllis @Around the House said...

I love your pattern of silverware, it is so vintage and so pretty, I love that you use it every day it makes it prettier when it is used..

Sarah said...

Your Anniversary flatware is lovely. I'd use it daily too.

The Tablescaper said...

Your flatware is lovely.

It's wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Aniguan said...

Hi. I live in Boston and have a set of this flatware that I am giving away for free. Do you know anyone else who might like to have this pattern? Thanks.