Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~ Vintage Measuring cups... the one cupers...

Lets take a gander at a couple of oddities in the measuring cup collection. Neither of these cups are really that plentiful. 

The Fire King Sapphire Blue Philbe Glass measuring cup.... used to be pretty easy to pick up. Always over priced. But never the less... you could find one if you wanted it. Not so much any more.  

I have not seen any of these blue cups lately on my adventures. But I do see lots of the other blue Philbe pieces to this set. Maybe the measuring cups are just being hoarded. :)
Now this measuring cup is a great turquoise/blue shade. And it is Fire King.... so I had to have one for the collection.

This next measuring cup is a beautiful vintage piece of amber glass... and has the 3 pour spouts. These cute measuring cups were made by Hazel Atlas. And you know how I feel about Hazel!
I have only seen this amber colored one once... and I bought it... the day I saw it in a Gainesville antique mall. I have not came across another one in person. 

I keep thinking I should have seen more of them. But I haven't.

These Hazel Atlas measuring cups, came in pink and green too. And they are every where. 

Add to it they have been reproduced. But the quality of the new glass is off. Which makes them easy to spot.
I have shown my green measuring cup before... so here is that picture. 

And seriously, the ones in green and pink are not hard to locate. 

So many of them were marked with the Kellogg's name on the bottom of the cup. But I made a point to find the ones without that marking.
This is a quick peek at the bottom of these two cups. I just love the color of these two girls. And they are some of my favorite pieces of old kitchen glass.

I did find a Fire King Sapphire Blue Philbe small casserole a year or so ago... which was a fluke find for me in a thrift store
There was a large collection of this blue Fire King glass produced. 

Lots of pretty things to collect. And like all vintage Fire King glass. It was hardy and held up to daily use without chipping. Thankfully, many decades later, it can still be located if you want to build a set of it.

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Mecky said...

I am glad that you grabbed the amber measuring cup. I have never seen one. Which is odd because I have seen tons of amber glass. I do have the blue one. I use to collect glass measuring cups. I did have a green Kellogg's one but broke it. I want to replace it some day, but haven't bothered. I have so many different ones, I don't really know what to do with them. I don't know why I started to collect them. I guess they just tugged at me. I will have to share them on my blog sometime.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I can't stop myself from buying the pretty vintage measuring cups. And you do end up with dozens of them before you know it.

I also use them in the kitchen. And have broke a couple of them over the years. But that amber cup, has never been used. :)

Cheapchick said...

Great measuring cup collection - you have given me some ideas on what to look for now! I am a sucker for anything glass.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

What an awesome collection. I only have a set of dry jadite measuring cups. Would love to find more. I really never have ran across any. Maybe I need to look harder. Thanks for sharing them with Share Your Cup.