Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~ McKee Red Ships....

Since I had the time... I attempted to photograph a few items. Starting with pieces from the McKee glass ware...Red Ships. I love how cheery these pieces are... and that they have never went out of style.
This is the 2 cup measuring cup with its reamer. Now I can not say with authority that this is the correct reamer. But it matched and it fits. So it is a keeper!
For its age, it is in decent shape. No tragic stains or nicks. And the red ship is still vivid.
Next up.... the one pound butter holder.
That is a air bubble in the glass. It makes a nice little circle. It actually has an odd blue hue to the glass. I have wonder if it may have been kept near an old coal stove at some point.

And how about the McKee red ship, pepper shaker... with an original bakelite lid.
Too bad it is the "S" lid that belongs to the salt shaker for this set. But never the less... it is in great shape.
Now there was a great collection of this McKee line with the red ships. 

The spice set had 4 pieces. They were salt, pepper, flour and sugar. And the lids had either a S, P or F as part of the holes on top. 

I have also seen a mixing bowl set, refrigerator dishes and a canister set. All very pricey. For something that I would not call "hard to find". These pretty red ships are easy to locate. So the prices I normally see on them are not justified. Or maybe I am just too cheap.
These really are timeless pieces that can compliment so many other red glassware... like those Fire King Polka Dots!

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