Thursday, February 28, 2013

~ Linen Table Cloth.... Strawberries...

A lovely new addition to the vintage table cloth collection. A pretty strawberry covered table cloth. 
I did measure it... and I think it measured out to be 51 x 46. Or within an inch of that. 

And I still have not figured out how to photograph these... without using thumb tacks. 
I am not exactly a fan of gray... but I was intrigued with the red strawberries. So I went ahead and purchased it. And the more I look at it... the more I like this table cloth. 

The cloth is in great shape. The hem is still nice and tight. And the few stains I found were small and very light. So really this is a great example of a vintage table cloth. And one I am going to keep. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~ Vintage Measuring cups... the one cupers...

Lets take a gander at a couple of oddities in the measuring cup collection. Neither of these cups are really that plentiful. 

The Fire King Sapphire Blue Philbe Glass measuring cup.... used to be pretty easy to pick up. Always over priced. But never the less... you could find one if you wanted it. Not so much any more.  

I have not seen any of these blue cups lately on my adventures. But I do see lots of the other blue Philbe pieces to this set. Maybe the measuring cups are just being hoarded. :)
Now this measuring cup is a great turquoise/blue shade. And it is Fire King.... so I had to have one for the collection.

This next measuring cup is a beautiful vintage piece of amber glass... and has the 3 pour spouts. These cute measuring cups were made by Hazel Atlas. And you know how I feel about Hazel!
I have only seen this amber colored one once... and I bought it... the day I saw it in a Gainesville antique mall. I have not came across another one in person. 

I keep thinking I should have seen more of them. But I haven't.

These Hazel Atlas measuring cups, came in pink and green too. And they are every where. 

Add to it they have been reproduced. But the quality of the new glass is off. Which makes them easy to spot.
I have shown my green measuring cup before... so here is that picture. 

And seriously, the ones in green and pink are not hard to locate. 

So many of them were marked with the Kellogg's name on the bottom of the cup. But I made a point to find the ones without that marking.
This is a quick peek at the bottom of these two cups. I just love the color of these two girls. And they are some of my favorite pieces of old kitchen glass.

I did find a Fire King Sapphire Blue Philbe small casserole a year or so ago... which was a fluke find for me in a thrift store
There was a large collection of this blue Fire King glass produced. 

Lots of pretty things to collect. And like all vintage Fire King glass. It was hardy and held up to daily use without chipping. Thankfully, many decades later, it can still be located if you want to build a set of it.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~ McKee Red Ships....

Since I had the time... I attempted to photograph a few items. Starting with pieces from the McKee glass ware...Red Ships. I love how cheery these pieces are... and that they have never went out of style.
This is the 2 cup measuring cup with its reamer. Now I can not say with authority that this is the correct reamer. But it matched and it fits. So it is a keeper!
For its age, it is in decent shape. No tragic stains or nicks. And the red ship is still vivid.
Next up.... the one pound butter holder.
That is a air bubble in the glass. It makes a nice little circle. It actually has an odd blue hue to the glass. I have wonder if it may have been kept near an old coal stove at some point.

And how about the McKee red ship, pepper shaker... with an original bakelite lid.
Too bad it is the "S" lid that belongs to the salt shaker for this set. But never the less... it is in great shape.
Now there was a great collection of this McKee line with the red ships. 

The spice set had 4 pieces. They were salt, pepper, flour and sugar. And the lids had either a S, P or F as part of the holes on top. 

I have also seen a mixing bowl set, refrigerator dishes and a canister set. All very pricey. For something that I would not call "hard to find". These pretty red ships are easy to locate. So the prices I normally see on them are not justified. Or maybe I am just too cheap.
These really are timeless pieces that can compliment so many other red glassware... like those Fire King Polka Dots!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

~ The most amazing table. Ever. - Germany @ eBay

 image from here....

How is it possible for a table to be so amazing? Not only is it pink... it is also turquoise and yellow too! 

image from here....

I came across this table while roaming through eBay. Sadly, this seller is in Germany. So I can't just go and pick up this beauty. Because I could see myself in a nasty bidding war, if this table was remotely near my home. :) 

image from here....

It makes me a little sad, to know that there is nothing like this new to purchase. I love the idea of this plant stand, with all the happiness it could bring to a room, with just it colors.  I hope it finds a new home with a devoted owner to its beauty. 

If you have not click yet.... the table is listed here.... and the seller has a couple more AMAZING things for sell too!  Go look!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

~ Vintage Pink Kitchens... random pictures that I adore...

I love roaming through Pinterest, looking at vintage pink kitchen images loaded there.
What is even better is when I see that someone has been dedicated to do a kitchen renovation, using the vintage color steel cabinets.

Or they choose to keep intact a wonderful older pink kitchen....
I love the bright clean look of the white cabinets with the pink counter tops... then those delightful vintage pink stoves and cook range.

In my parents home... they had a similar style range top... but in turquoise. Mother had a kitchen full of turquoise appliances. But the kitchen  was gutted in the early 70's. And Mother replaced it with a new avocado green stove. And refrigerator.... dishwasher...

Then those tragic looking avocado green appliances were replaced in the late 70's with white. When she decided it was much easier to change the color of her kitchen, if she kept white ones. 

I never realize, till I was grown, that most people never update their home as frequently as my Mother.  The woman to this day... changes out her living room and den furniture every 4 years. Paints the walls new colors... the only thing that has survived her need to update.. are the wood floors. :) 

I love this kitchen too. Look at those wonderful pink appliances.

That pink stove is perfection! Then they used that wonderful turquoise checked wallpaper. Then bringing it to the counter tops. It is impossible to be depressed in such a great kitchen! 

image from here....

Then another gorgeous vintage dinette set from Retro Renovation. There were only a couple of pink sets that made it to that picture loader. And this one had its matching two tone chairs!

Monday, February 18, 2013

~ Pink Depression glass....

Just a random cute piece of pink depression glass. I really like the color of this dish.
The thing with the older glass, is that it can be a orange looking pink... instead of a true pink-pink. I had been told.... so take it with a grain of salt... that when the color is off... it was a firing issue at the plant. 

I also know... that a lot of the reproductions done in the 60's and 70's ... produced some orange-pink looking glass. 
But the ultimate way to for me to figure out what I am handling. Is by touch. The old depression glass has a certain feel to the glass. That can't be duplicated. And it is something that you figure out the more you handle the older glass.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

~ Pink Goldfish... Martha Stewart....

Have you ever seen a pink goldfish!? Well this pretty pink girl was part of the Fenton line of glass, that Martha Stewart issued back probably 15 years ago.  

My favorite green hen is from the same Fenton line.  

They were both issued by Martha Stewart. And both are made from that wonderful Fenton glass.
I use this pink goldfish to keep my Summer watches in. Yes, I have certain watches I wear during the brutal hot summers. Living in Texas is no joke. It gets hot here. And my pretty watches with metal bands... are my Winter watches. Needless to say, I don't get a lot of use out of my pretty Winter watches.

Anywho... this pink goldfish is a heavy piece of glass. A little clumsy to handle. The glass is very smooth and can slip out of your hand with ease.
I love the detail on this pink goldfish.... from the flipped up tail..... to the detail of its fins...
And since I have dropped the lid more than once. I keep her on my dresser.... in my bedroom where I have carpet. So if it is going to have to hit the ground... it will not break.
I used my favorite pink checked shot glass to give you an idea, about how big the charming pink goldfish would be....

And for something random.... words to live by.... 
"I believe in Pink"..... :)

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

~ Cute Kittens... with the red bows...

How adorable are these kittens! With their pink ears and red bow ties. These were purchased the same time I bought the green shaker... and were ten cents each. That's right.. I am a big spender!
They are in decent shape. The one in the middle is missing paint from its ear and face. That I really had not notice till I was cleaning them up. But since her eye is intact, it doesn't really stand out to me.
Look at that face!
This is the one missing the paint... 
These are marked with a Japan stamp. Which I had issues with getting a clear picture of...
The kittens are a little top heavy. So I hesitated about where to place them. I don't want them anywhere they can get bumped over easily. 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

~ Pink Doric candy dish.... and some Country Roses...

Of all the Doric glassware I have bought over the years... I only recently bought the flat candy dish. These are beyond plentiful. They were produced in many colors.
It is such a great looking dish with its three part design. And a nice hand tab to pick it up with.
The Doric image is planted in the center of the dish... and not easy to see.
And my wonderful rose table cloth, is taking time out of its busy day, to help show off the pretty pink shade of the dish...
And that other rose table cloth underneath it.... is the old Laura Ashley Country Roses table cloth. 
Which of course I have the full collection of this Laura Ashley Country Roses. From the comforter... six pillow shams... 3 different set of matching sheets... bed skirt... drapes... odd shaped pillows... table cloth...  I have it all. I should mention that pink stripes were the flip side of the comforter. So the accessories pieces were a mixture of the roses and pink stripes.

And I refuse to get rid of any of it! One day I will drag it out too and use it in a guest room.

I was on a tangent this week with the roses.... so look here for other stuff too!

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