Saturday, January 05, 2013

~ Vintage Pink Princess Phone love.... a new addition...

As I have previously shown off... my vintage pink princess phone. My gorgeous without fading issue's... pink princess phone. Whom lives in my bedroom, hid behind heavy drapes. I am not about to screw up that wonderful shade of pink. 

And I also have a minty vintage pink princess trimline ... which lives in my living room.
Another wonderful pink phone with no fading issue's. It also lives without direct sun light getting to it. 

Now if you have any experience with buying these old princess phones... you know how hard it is to get one without fading issue's. Sun light will do untold damage to these wonderful beauties. 

But I do know of a cleaning product that will sometimes minimize the damage from the sun light fading the plastic. The trick is to use car wax/paste. And buff the old oxidized color down to the original color. Since the plastic is a solid color all the way through. I have seen it done. By the local gentleman who has done repairs for me. 

Everyone of my vintage phones had to be converted to current wiring. So they will plug into the current type of wall outlet. And at last count I have purchased 10 phones over the years. Some to keep. Others are gifts to friends, who try to talk me out of my pink phones. :)  But this nice man, has done magic with getting these vintage phones to look minty. 

And car wax/paste is one of his tricks. Ohhhh... and he has this hand held buffer to do the buffing. He really has made it an art form getting these phones pretty again.

Anywho. I found a new vintage pink phone to add to my collection. But sadly, it has some serious discolor issues, from direct sunlight.
Where as the body of the phone is really not bad at all. Even the cord is original and not stretched out. Yet that hand set is another story. It has turned a coral color. But I was not about to leave it behind, over a little discolor issue with the hand set.
The worst of the damage, is the spine of the hand set. As you can see it compared to my sweet pink princess. So there is no hiding it.
And really the sun damage is its only issue. It had been converted already. So I was able to plug it in and check it out as soon as I got home. 

It also still has that heart stopping loud ringer in it too! But there is a slide handle to make it ring lower. But even at its lowest setting. It is still heart stopping loud. 
And the goofy thing with the sun damage is it really is only bad on part of the hand set. But I can say after opening up the case... it was not in a smoker's home. 
Old phones that lived in a home with a smoker are rarely worth the hassle. Unless you paint the plastic body and hand set. It is nearly impossible to buff away the discolor from the smoke. And the phones seem to never stop smelling of old cigarettes.
So this wonderful pink wall mount phone.... is going to be handed off to my local phone guy. To see if it can be pink again!  Or maybe I will keep her awhile and let her ringer scare me daily! Seriously. These old phone's can wake the dead with how loud they ring.

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Kim Gillian said...

Love the pink phones!

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

I remember having one of these phones growing them!!!
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

Fishtail Cottage said...

super cute! i'm thinking our phones need to be replaced with ones like these...ones that cannot be lost! lol would be weird not to have caller id though, wouldn't it? xoxo, tracie

Unknown said...

Love your phone! When I was little, our city was a test mkt and I was thrilled to get to have one! Ours was blue, we didn't get to choose. :( HPS!Sunny

Farm Girl Pink... said...

In my Aunt's home, she still has their early 1960's turquoise wall phone. With the rotary dial.

And is still a shiny turquoise. It is beautiful.

She said it was placed in the home, at the time of construction. And she would feel bad to get rid of it after all these years.

(I do keep a cordless Hello Kitty phone with caller ID in the handset. As much as I love my vintage phones. I keep my cordless Kitty phone near by too... I just never talk on it and use it for the ID purpose only.)

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

What a fun thing to collect! I love that last [wall] phone. My grandmother had the same phone - in avocado green, of course :) - in her kitchen my whole life. Seriously nostalgic!

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