Friday, January 11, 2013

~Vintage pillowcases... Mom & Pop cases...

These new to me....vintage pillowcases, are so sweet. The two tone pink flowers and the "mom & pop" done in a soft turquoise thread.
These look to have never been used. They are very minty. And in wonderful condition with no discoloring from time.
Sometimes I find it hard to start to use the ones that are this crisp. 
Then I realize that someone else had thought the same thing... and hoarded them in a cabinet for decades. Never to be used and loved.  
So I am going to place them into rotation, to make it to my bed.


Sweet Woodruff said...

Good idea! Use them and enjoy them. I LOVE vintage pillow cases. Love them. Some of my favorite things.

ThrifterSisters said...

Vintage pillow cases are definitely something that I cannot leave behind. I am not sure who decided to stop creating these beautiful patterns. I have tons and love to rotate them weekly.

Have an awesome weekend!