Sunday, January 13, 2013

~Household Knife's...Blue Corningware Corn Flower...

I realize I need to stop buying these. But when they are NRFB. I can't walk away.

So here I am with more of these charming Corningware style - blue corn flower knife's. Made by the Household's brand. Still residing in their vintage packaging.

I love finding them still in their original card board hang tags. I even made a little squealing sound when I saw them.

Now granted I have most of these knife's loose in my collection. So I have no intentions of removing any of these for daily use.  Here are some of the loose ones, I already owned. And use all the time. These Household brand utensils were really a nice quality item.

Of course I had issue's getting a nice picture of them. I still lack good skills with photographing my kitchen things. Always a issue with that dang flash for me.

I did pull out the NRFB set of steak knife's, I have with these wonderful blue flowers.

That has the original price of .69 cents.

I have always liked the wooden case, that this set came with.

I did bring out the other Household's knife's I have in the drawer... with the different design on the handle, to show the comparisons of them. They have the same quality blade's on them all. 
Then to finish off this post showing off my need for floral knife's.... I do have the matching measuring spoon set that compliments these knife's.
These were made by General Plastics... in Canada. 

Corningware was really on to something by introducing the blue corn flower motif to their kitchen wares. I added these Corningware individual size casserole dishes this past Summer.

There really was oodles of these (knock off) blue corn flower motif items made. And I keep buying them anytime I see them. Fully aware that I have more than enough knife's for me, to last my entire life time. :) 

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ThrifterSisters said...

There is never any reason to pass up vintage kitchen items in the original packagin! I would have bought them in a second, too.


Marium said...

I would have loved to find those! Reminds me of childhood

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh they are so cool! You should take a set and start using them. I started using a set of danish modern 60's steak knives I found and love them!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I really do have a lot of these knife's in my loose collection. In many styles. Plus all the cooking utensils.

It seems like every thing that I collect, comes in cycle's.

At one time I saw this Household stuff everywhere I went. And I bought probably 90% of what I saw. :)

But finding it still with it hang tags, was a new thing. I had not seen much of the blue corn flower stuff over the last year or so... that is utensil things.