Tuesday, January 01, 2013

~ Fire King in Jadeite and White... the finds for 2012...

These are the Fire King - Jadeite swirl mixing bowl set. That I finally purchase the missing bowl to my set this year. (2012)
I was missing the next to the largest bowl. And found it in Oklahoma on a random trip. Did a little estate and antique shopping with my Aunt. And this was one of the finds that weekend.
Such a pretty sight. A glorious set of green mixing bowls. Which of course this only means I need to find the white swirl set of these Fire King bowls next. Since I already have other pieces of this Fire King kitchen glass in white.
This really is the never ending hobby. There is always something wonderful to find. 
I nearly forgot about showing you these this year... the jadeite canister with its lid and a 4 cup measuring cup... I suspect it by McKee glass.

And since I am showing off the green glass that lives in my kitchen. How can I not show you my favorite hen!
Which is not exactly vintage Jadeite. The pretty hen was made by Fenton. And I am thinking she is maybe 10-12 years old. But I do love hens... and rarely see anything fun and interesting with hens, done in jadeite color glass....


ThrifterSisters said...

I totally agree with your comment about this being a never ending hobby! Just when I think that I have seen it all, up pops something new that I need to collect. I also collect both the Jadite and white swirl bowls and have a few pieces of each.


Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

So pretty! I, too, agree on the "neverending hobby" comment. I was just contemplating the need to build more shelving to house my jadeite collection...sigh! (Happy new year!)

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Because there is so many neat things to collect... I got picky about what I will invest in. Or I would not have any room to move around.

But I did purchase another vintage pink 60's rotary dial phone. A wall mount one.

That is a project for me. To see if I can wax off the discolor part of it. The side that obviously had a lot of sunlight on it daily. One side is still pink and the other is an odd coral color.