Wednesday, January 30, 2013

~ Love this vintage apron.... blues and pinks!

I love finding these vintage aprons. The ones that have a lot of great craftsman ship. 
I can sew... and I can do basic hand stitching repairs. But nothing I can do... can compare to the ones I find that are decades old.

Now the best part is that this one has a removal bib! 
I did have to get creative to get pictures of this beauty. Yes, those are thumbtack's holding it up!  I swear I attempted to hang it on a hanger and drape it. But fail miserably in that little challenge. 

So I got the  thumbtack's out. Which of course, I could only find the red ones.

Anywho... she still is pretty. Even with the thumbtack's. 

Then there is this wonderful turquoise roses with the pink daisies. So delightful! 

I purchased these new turquoise Martha Stewart kitchen utensils recently. And I am in love! So I decided to show them off using this wonderful turquoise apron as the background.

 Now the best thing is this weird little funnel.
I love how it folds down and stores in a drawer. So smart!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~ Vintage Kitchen towels.... well used ones...

As mention in the past, I am very fond of old cotton kitchen towels. I keep a drawer of them to use in my kitchen. So they all have damage done to them. Mostly stains. But I decided years ago to use them. Versus just letting them gather dust in a box somewhere.

This lovely red one with the polka dot trim... is my favorite towel. With all the vintage kitchen images scatter all over. 

From the salt and pepper shakers... 

The milk pitcher with the cow on it... 

Then there is the blue coffee pot...

And it would not be great piece of vintage kitchen linen, without a picture of a rooster!

The thing I have always enjoy about these older towels is that they were made from 100% cotton. And a nice weight of cotton too. So they have held up over time.

I also pulled out a random day of the week towel... with a great dutch girl on it. She is done in red and pink threads. And since she is part of the kitchen rotation of towels I use.. she has stains on her.
But even with the stains... she is still a cutie!
I don't have a full set of these girls. I should have one more that is part of this set. I think she is done in greens. But I could not find her in the drawer. Now I am curious what I have done with it.
I do keep a collection of vintage towels I don't use. But eventually I will probably get around to bringing them out for daily use.  I just decided it was kind of goofy to have boxes packed full with them and never use them. 

Plus it has gotten to be a hassle to find new kitchen towels that are legit cotton. Not some weird blend of cotton poly that will not adsorb water. Where as they just smear a spill, versus soak it up.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

~ Blue Mason Jar.... the utensil holder...

I love this vintage blue Mason jar. I have had it since I was a kid. It was a random thing I brought home from my grandmother's house. I have used it for all kinds of things over the years. It stayed on my dresser with cotton balls stored in it through out my childhood. Then it became utensil holder when I had my first home. 
I have seen a lot of cute crafty things done with these blue Mason jars.

The ones with the candles are my favorite ones... and there are all kinds of ways to use them with candles...
Then I have seen oodles of them turned into hand dispensers for soap...
Pinterest has a never ending library of idea's for these wonderful vintage mason jars... and it is where I boosted the 3 above images from!  

But my lovely blue girl.... lives on my kitchen counter... holding my pink spoons... yes I have more pink utensils! These are not that old. Well maybe a decade old.
I keep intending to buy a couple more of these blue Mason jars. Because I really did like using it for holding cotton balls...
The plastic knife on the end... is made by Maynard. It is my go to knife when icing a cake. It has a little give to it... and it makes it easier for me to do the corners of a cake with it. 
I use the pink spoons all the time. Along with the ladle. So they stay beside the stove in this wonderful blue jar. 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

~ Ekco Pink Utensils....

Oh, how I would love more of these vintage pink Ekco utensils. But they are never cheap when I stumble upon them. And that stops me from buying the few, I occasionally run across in the antique malls. I refuse to pay 20.00 for a pink spatula. No matter how much I love it.
These were purchased years ago. I bought them from a estate sale. And this was all that was there. These two lonely pieces. The ladle and knife. I do use the ladle constantly.
But to be fair.... these solid color handle Ecko utensils are pricey in any color. I recently saw a set of turquoise. That had eight pieces. A loose set of 8. In wonderful condition. Their cost listed on the tag.... $95.00  For eight utensils. As much as I wanted to buy them. It wasn't going to happen, for that kind of cash. But it did not stop me from truly wanting them.
I actually have three pieces of the painted wood, pink Ekco utensils. But for the life of me I have no idea where I put the potato masher. I swore it was in the cabinet above my refrigerator. But nope, not there.
But I was able to locate my potato peeler! These are in decent shape. With minimal wear to the pink, black and gray paint.
I have always used this solid pink handle one for slicing carrots. When I make soup... I like to have pretty carrots sliced up in it. But to be honest I am not sure what the original intent for it, would have been. But the paint on it, is in great shape.
Now I never ever... put any of the painted wood handle Ekco's in the dishwasher. I use them and then promptly wash them and dry them off. So the paint has held up over the years.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

~ Vintage Linen's... days of the week towels...

These days of the week linen towels, are more linens from my collection of things my Granny made me. These were the last set of towels she made me. I tend to have one of these hanging off my oven door. As my quick towel when I need to dry off my hands...
Granny had made me numerous things in the last decade of her life. I was the one who loved this stuff. And she had a stash of vintage patterns dating back to the 30's in her sewing room. 
She made me all kinds of cute things. I have a set of pot holders with cat's on them. That I keep intending to photograph. But they are part of my kitchen items that I use. So every time I think about photographing them... they are in need of a wash.
So as I write this post... it dawns on me that I am missing two of the towels. I could have swore I manage to photograph all seven towels.
But somehow I manage to miss two of them. And manage to photograph a couple of them twice!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

~ Charming Angel with the hankie skirt....

Isn't she charming. A wonderful red angel! This was my Christmas card from my parents last month. This darling angel, has a skirt made from an poinsettia covered handkerchief. And if you look closely her wings are part of the same handkerchief. 
There are two slits made in the card to pull the folded hankie through.
And taped down on the back to keep the handkerchief in place.
I also received this vintage dresser scarf... with tiny white lacy edges.  The red poppy's are so crisp and bright. I rarely get a nice piece of vintage linen, with the red thread still vibrant.
So I am assuming, I will have to hand wash this lovely scarf .... to keep that thread looking fresh.
I really do love that card. I have placed back in her envelope... and then placed inside of a baggie. I want to use her in my decorations for next year. And want to keep her skirt minty, so I am keeping her bagged up. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~ Lets look at some hen's!

 My wonderful fat green hen!

I was recently invited to participate with The Clever Chick's Blog round up. Where there are oodles of good things to roam through. 

Plus she has pictures of hen's to look at! I love those pretty hen's. There is even a hen wearing a saddle and/or a diaper! You got to go look! From hen's, recipe's, crafty fun.... to the odd things that we all collect. 

So this is a quick post to add to her party this week. And next week, I will hopefully have something new to talk about. 

And since I have a couple of cute hen's that live in my kitchen. I am going to show them off one more time....
My paisley cotton hen... who is new to the kitchen...

Then these two beauties... both yellow crochet hen's... one vintage... one newer. 
The vintage one.... with the pink trim...

The newer yellow hen... who is sitting on that old vintage frosted glass milk topper.

Who has a big ole blue egg helping her keep her shape...

And a final picture of Hattie the Heifer... with her two chicken friends...

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