Friday, December 27, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... Pendleton plaids!

The Farmer's Wife - December 1920

I love Pendleton and their wool skirts. I have at least 8 of them in my closet. All plaids. My favorite one being a black watch plaid one. All of them purchase in the mid to late 90's. That I have refused to ever part with any of them. They hang in their own section in the closet with plastic protecting them.

Every once in a while I will wear one if it gets cold enough. Because there is one thing about wool skirts. They do keep with cold out. And the warm in.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

~ Looking forward to New Year's...

I bet Santa needed a cocktail after this last week... 

And one random vintage holiday advertisement from Kleenex... that I loved. 

How I wish that these were still findable. I love the decorative tissues that used to be sold. Like pink toilet paper! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

~ Vintage Kewpie Christmas....

I just adore the vintage Kewpie images. I have been pinning them all year. So here are my favorite three for Christmas... starting with the girl and her new kewpie babies. 

There is a little black and white puppy that shows up with these Kewpie's. This time sitting by the fire with its stockings... 

Hoping you have a great day tomorrow! 
Merry Christmas!

~ Random Holiday goodness... the toys!

December 1924 - The Farmer's Wife... 

The best toys I got for Christmas, was always Barbie related! Unfortunately, I grew up in the 70's. So they were not nearly as cool as the ones my sister and older cousins had. But Barbie was always a staple for me on Christmas morning. 

Let's take a peek at some great Barbie's from the mid 60's.... when Barbie was in her hey day. 
Isn't she gorgeous! 
This is a blonde American Girl Barbie in Tickle Pink @ 1966. 

Color Magic Barbie.... @ 1966

Style Barbie Cut and Curl Wig set and dryer @ 1965 ... Along with that amazing brunette American Girl, sitting in her perfect Fashion Editor outfit in turquoise.

I have always found these Barbie structures from 1966 so much more appealing. Simple. Cute. Easy to store. 

This is Barbie's sweet cousin, Francie. Who had an amazing wardrobe of her own. Also from 1966... 

I also missed out on the Kiddle's when they were new. But I still have at least a dozen of them that were hand me downs. I never got rid of my Mattel stuff. Kept it all! Along with my Dawn dolls. 

Now Christmas would not be complete... without a little pink Kitchen love... 

Along with some Revere pots and pans for those new pink kitchen shelf's.

You know what else I miss... a legitimate family owed Toy Store. It has been well over 15 years since I have seen one in business.

And to be honest I am not thrilled with the chain stores like Toys R' Us.  Maybe it is having to hike in from 60 yards. From their massive parking lots, that put me in a foul mood.  :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

~ Random Holiday advertisements... things for the home...

How about some Bakelite holiday goodness from 1953. There is still so much of this vintage holiday bakelite to be found. It seems like those lighted Santa's will always be findable. 

Just a small advertisement for Melmac...

Now how about some Boontonware Melmac! Lots of pretty here! 

Are those pale green mixing bowls?? I never seen those before...

I have always joked that death would visit, if I ever got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. 

But dang, if Hoover isn't making it look alright. To hand your hard working wife one for Christmas.
Hey now.  I would love that turquoise ice bucket. With maybe a nice bottle of Jameson. :) 

A wonderful vintage Toastmaster... which cost $16.00 ---- I suspect that was a very high end toaster.

I love this style of tree lights. Made by General Electric and called "lighted ice". There were a couple of sets of these with my Mother's collection. But she still uses them on the front railing of their home. So they did not get to come home with me.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... the holiday ladies!

As I roamed through Pinterest... I began to notice that there is a distinct girl used on several vintage Christmas cards. It is the pretty girl in profile design. 

They may have been a set of cards. Very cute card.

There is a set of four girl cards that I came across... all wearing stripes and sassy heels. 

Then there was this lone girl in profile image... which looks similar to the four others. But obviously not part of the set.

But still sassy looking in her white coat... with black fur trim.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... Family Circle @ 1958

Family Circle - 1958

Nothing pleases me more than vintage MCM magazines. I love seeing the crazy stuff that came from this time period. There is so much goodness that was explored. And these are images from a vintage Family Circle magazine from 1958.

The one thing that truly caught my eye with this page... is this... 

Look at those Fire King mugs! I have these in white and green... but I have yet to find me a blue one. Then again that Snowman themed (made from donut hole's) center piece is pretty amazing too. All the while climbing a hill of popcorn. 

Look that those hair-do's! Besides the crazy looking cookies... it was those brown metal kitchen cabinets that caught my eye. 

I can't say I have actually seen them in brown before. Lots of blues, pinks, white, yellow colored ones. But never brown. Yet, I am not a fan of big brown kitchens. :) I still find them interesting.

For me it was the 1950's when food took an very interesting turn. I have collected many cookbooks from this time era. With some incredibly gross recipes. Where tuna, jell-o and Spam became highlights of new cooking. With some awful results. 

But this is a really sweet Angel cookie tree. Love that silver star on top....

Now speaking of incredibly gross recipes... lets take a closer look at inedible snack on this buffet. 

So... what is that interesting gel looking dish you might ask. Well, let me enlighten you.  
I think this is a Chicken cranberry/mold relish ring... with Watermelon-pickle slices, preserved kumquats with ripe olives.  Seriously. This is just amazing to me.  Yet, not so amazing I would sample it. 

That tree is fabulous. But what I love most is those patent leather black heels.

It has been so long, since I have seen a really cute pair of patent leather heels, for the holidays. All I see lately is just lots of big chunky heels. Or strappy spike heels, that are not feasible to actually wear for any length of time. 

I guess I am looking for old lady heels. The kind that I feel like my foot will stay still in, when I walk. :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... the girls!

Just a collection of pretty girls... on Christmas cards... 

This was a odd find for me... with the girl dressed in browns... 

Just lovely!


Love these mid century girls!

So pretty!