Thursday, December 27, 2012

~Vintage pillowcases... floral....

I do love a floral pillowcase. These are two new ones to the ever growing collection. This is the first lilac color rose to my vast collection of pink rose pillow cases. So pretty!

Just love it! The other one is pink rose/daisy design...
I also found an oddity for me. A vintage pillowcase for a child size pillow... in a green floral.
All of these are in great shape. And have that thick, silky, old vintage cotton feel too.

I also post about the pretty embroidery ones I bought at the same time... look here for those....

And the last thing I bought that day... was this wonderful Fire King tulip lid grease jar!

Be sure to check out all the great things this week at... ~Colorado Lady!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Love all of your pillow cases! And that grease jar is so much fun.

Happy New Year!

Keetha Broyles said...

When we were newly weds (well, as compared to now anyway) I went looking for a "deal" on a pair of queen size sheets for our bed.

What I FOUND was a pair of pink and white striped sheets with a big old RUFFLE at the top edge of the flat sheet.

You should have SEEN Fisherhubby snuggled down in that bed with a PINK ruffle at his chin!

Your florals made me remember that.

LV said...

You have an amazing collection of pillow cases. I have some, but seldom use them.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Practically all my sheets/bed linens are somehow pink.

Be it solids, floral or stripes. With the matching pillow cases. Including the comforter and bed skirt. And I have 5 of them I change out every so often.

But I am a pale pink girl. No mauve allowed.

And I have a man that puts up with it. lol!

It is the extra four pillows I keep on the bed, that I use these older pillow cases for. Because it just kills me how expensive new pillow cases are. They can cost more than the sheets!

So I have been collecting the pretty vintage ones, for practical reasons. Or that is the excuse I use. :)

And I use different ones every week when I change sheets.

Pam said...

Your pillow cases are lovely. I have resisted purchasing vintage cases because I really don't need another "collection". But when I see them I am sooo tempted. I love the colors and the floral designs.