Sunday, December 09, 2012

~ Spun Cotton Angel....

Isn't she sweet! I have one lone blue vintage spun cotton angel, a lot like this one... but this is a brand new angel for my tree.

I had once saved, a lovely blue spun cotton head angel... from my Great-grandmother's personal Christmas collection. Many years ago. And my Mother has had issues with handing it over to me. I saved the angel, when the old farm house was being cleared out back in the late 1970's. She was a random oddity found in a box of vintage sewing things. So she went in my personal box of things to save. And that Christmas I put her on the tree at my parents home. 

So every year after that.... my Mother has made a point to package this tiny blue angel in a special box, so she can be found easily each year for their tree. 

This vintage blue tiny angel... which I suspect is not even 2 inches... is the source of panic for my Mother. That I will finally demand she comes home with me. 

Every year... I mention.... "I really need to take that angel home with me, before she disappears...." and the look of horror shows up on my Mother's face.  She really does love the vintage decorations for her tree. Especially the ones that were from the grandmothers.

Well my Mother was out shopping recently... and saw this silvery angel girl and purchased it for me. I suspect this new purchase has something to do with my parents tree getting decorated this weekend. And when I see my vintage angel on their tree. Mother will point out how she gave me a new tiny angel. So she can keep my old one.  :)
If I am allowed to get close to the vintage blue one.... I will add a picture of her here. I just found it so funny that Mother made a point to buy this tiny silver girl, hoping to keep me from attempting to bring home my vintage one.


ThrifterSisters said...

My mother was just like that with the ceramic Christmas tree that my grandmother had made for me when I was born. She was so distraught to give it up when I grew up and moved out that my grandma had another made for her. Crazy moms!

Happy Holidays,


Laura said...

That little angel is so sweet, she looks like she was taken good care of!
Happy Holidays,
Laura and Michele