Saturday, December 22, 2012

~Love the Kewpie's!

Oh, how I love the Kewpie's. There are so many vintage items with their image's from coloring books to greeting cards. This stuff is plentiful. And very collectible.
They began as a illustration for a "Ladies Home Journal" by Rose O'Neill in 1909. Then they grew into so much more. 

Some of my favorite Kewpie's were the ones made my Lefton China. Like my sweet face towel holder...
This was actually a gift from a family friend, when I graduated from high school. She had noticed I kept three baby doll Kewpie's in my bedroom. So she thoughtfully gave me my first Lefton made one. I should mention she was an antique dealer... and just happen to have a few on hand...
I have looked to purchase another one of these... but just not lucked into one yet. 
But I also have a pink striped vintage towel for the base.
Which was also gifted to me, when I received the Kewpie towel holder.

I have always had this Kewpie sitting out... either in my bathroom or bedroom ever since I got him. I do like the odd things... and love to decorate with them.
So along with my wonderful Kewpie towel holder... I am sharing some wonderful Kewpie Christmas greetings too!

Be sure to check out all the great things at 
~Pink Saturday's!


Jenny's Heart said...

What a sweet friend too :)
Merry Christmas

Astrid said...

Oh how I love Kewpie's! I have fond memories of my grandparents and the Kewpie dolls they had for us to play with, unfortunately I didn't inherit any of them.
Happy Holidays!

Ang Specht said...

Aw, I have a Kewpie doll! Don't see them much anymore.