Sunday, December 23, 2012

~Fire King Tulips.... the grease jar....

Oh my, look at my new addition to my Fire King Tulip family. Just look at that glorious metal tulip lid. Which have became harder for me to find in the last decade. And I even got the white grease jar too!
These were part of the Fire King family, of kitchen glass. That I can not stop myself from buying.
And of course I do have white shakers that match this new addition to the kitchen. Just not sure where I have them at. But I did find the picture of this one I had done a couple months ago. 

This wonderful Fire King range set... was also made in the more popular shade of jadeite green too.

They never fail to get ugly in price on eBay, if the set shows up with their lids. The Fire King tulip stuff has such great appeal to this day. I wish someone would do repro-tulip lids. I have so many of these Fire King shakers that I want the tulip lids for... but have to settle for the plain aluminum ones.
 I did attempt to get the lid and the actual tulip shaker in the same image. The tulips are identical on both. With the two yellow tulips with the lone red tulip in the center.
Then here is the shaker set... of new jadeite tulips. Where there is a blue tulip instead of the dual yellow ones. And they are just as pretty!
And of course... the grand-daddy of the Fire King Tulip family.... my mixing bowl set!

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Old Fashioned Gal said...

Lovely! :)

LV said...

I remember the Fire King products. I still see a few around in antique malls. My grandmother and mother always had a grease can. Never one as nice as yours.