Saturday, December 29, 2012

~ The best of Hazel Atlas and Libbey Glass - 2012

With it being in the last few days of 2012, the next couple post I am showing off things I purchased this year. 

I was going to do one post. And figured out it would be a nightmare. So I am going to break it down to post's of things that are alike. 

So let's take a peek at the vintage glassware that has a new home with me. These are all either Hazel Atlas or Libbey glass.
I love this turquoise diamond pattern. All the above glasses are Hazel Atlas.
Then I bought these exquisite vintage... still in their original Libbey packet... pink floral drinking glasses.
Then these sweet red daisy glasses.... are part of the collection in my kitchen cabinets... 
Which unfortunately have taken one too many trips through the dishwasher...

And since I mention Libbey Glass. They seemed to have purchased up nearly all the old vintage glass manufacturers over the years. I was recently on the hunt for replacements lids for these old Hazel Atlas shakers...
And I finally found them to buy!
I spent the better part of a weekend hunting for these shaker lids, to buy direct. 

Since I knew Libbey Glass still produces these cubist style restaurant shakers to this day. But they only make them in boring clear glass. Not in any interesting colors. Like pink and green! I just knew they would have to sell replacement lids.

So if you are in need to purchasing some new lids, for some random older Hazel Atlas cubist shakers.... go here.... they sell to the public. I purchased a dozen. And I had them in my hands within 4 days from the time I place the online order.  

The company is named Wasserstrom. I give them a five star***** rating! 

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