Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~ McKee Dots - lots of them! All looking for a new home!

I have always had an undying love for the vintage kitchen Dot's... I do a lot of stalking on eBay. I am constantly watching for the good stuff. 
So this is a post about all the gorgeous McKee dot's, that are in need of a new home.  Can't you give them a new home? :)
There is a couple of seller's listed within eBay... that have some incredible McKee Dot's for sale. So this is a post all about their dot's.... and all of these stunning images, are from their auctions.  

The seller ojh91 has a stunning list of vintage kitchen glass items for sale. Lot's of gorgeous McKee and Tipp items.
And the seller has an amazing collection of vintage McKee kitchen dot's.... in Red and Black. I have never seen this set of McKee red dot mixing bowls, in the wild that were white with red. I have seen the custard color bowls with the red dots... but not this white set... so so pretty!
Now here is some hard to find...  McKee green dot's shakers....
There is also another seller that has one of the matching McKee green dot mixing bowl too!
Then here are the granddaddy, of hard to find McKee dot's. The blue ones! Honestly, this is the only time I have seen the four of them together at the same time. 

(This seller (old kitchen ware) is the one that has the McKee delphite canisters for sale... that I have drooled over since I first saw them listed...
So consider this my service announcement, to find these precious dotted up babies, a new home for Christmas...


KHun said...

I notice this post is from 2012, McKee with dots shakers and canisters. Do you happen to have any left that are for sale?
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Are they still available