Friday, November 09, 2012

Lot's of kitchen goodness... Vintage Sears @ 1956...

Oh my goodness.... look at all that amazing pink and turquoise perfection from the Sears catalog @ 1956.  I came across these stunning images here within Pinterest.
If I was to stumble upon these gorgeous aluminum and pink kitchen pans... the squealing I would make... would only be audible to dogs. And if you look carefully, they also came with the option of having turquoise trim. 

Of course, I have never seen anything like these in person. I suspect they probably didn't survive to 1960. *sigh* And then to add to my agony, is that this set was only $14.79...
Look at those amazing kitchen stools.  Then there are the matching turquoise utensils! And for only $6.98 !!!  Have you try buying these old Ekco utensils on eBay? $6.98 would not even begin to pay for the postage, to get them mailed to you now.
Yet, these laundry hampers survive to this day. I have seen oodles of them over the years. In all colors. But I have seem many pink ones. With lots of different designs. All very cute. All of these hampers are listed between $12- $15 dollars.  That seems a little pricey for 1956. But since I have seen so many of them, they were meant to last.

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