Monday, November 19, 2012

~All kinds of Primary goodness...

These are some images from the early 1950's Sears catalogs. That I located here....

Of the wonderful kitchen items produced in primary colors. It is amazing is how much of this red stuff has survived to this day. To be cherished by collectors, who weren't born, till decades later. 

These red items still fetch a pretty penny in the antique malls. I never seen a time where they were not in demand. 
I have seen unfortunate behavior, over these old step stools at auctions. Which only ends with them selling for ridiculous prices. And with some happy buyer thrilled with their purchase. :)
I never do tire of looking at old pictures of these kitchens items. 

And if one is going to have a kitchen done with the primary colors.... lets not forget about Pyrex!
Now lets have a little peek, at the grand-daddy of mixing bowls... the Pyrex primary color bowls. 
Ahhhh... the joy of the perfect set of bowls. With their label attached. Now that is perfection.

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