Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~ McKee Dots - lots of them! All looking for a new home!

I have always had an undying love for the vintage kitchen Dot's... I do a lot of stalking on eBay. I am constantly watching for the good stuff. 
So this is a post about all the gorgeous McKee dot's, that are in need of a new home.  Can't you give them a new home? :)
There is a couple of seller's listed within eBay... that have some incredible McKee Dot's for sale. So this is a post all about their dot's.... and all of these stunning images, are from their auctions.  

The seller ojh91 has a stunning list of vintage kitchen glass items for sale. Lot's of gorgeous McKee and Tipp items.
And the seller has an amazing collection of vintage McKee kitchen dot's.... in Red and Black. I have never seen this set of McKee red dot mixing bowls, in the wild that were white with red. I have seen the custard color bowls with the red dots... but not this white set... so so pretty!
Now here is some hard to find...  McKee green dot's shakers....
There is also another seller that has one of the matching McKee green dot mixing bowl too!
Then here are the granddaddy, of hard to find McKee dot's. The blue ones! Honestly, this is the only time I have seen the four of them together at the same time. 

(This seller (old kitchen ware) is the one that has the McKee delphite canisters for sale... that I have drooled over since I first saw them listed...
So consider this my service announcement, to find these precious dotted up babies, a new home for Christmas...

Monday, November 26, 2012

~ Vintage Jennyware - Jeannette Glass ....

Oh, my! Look at my new glorious Jennyware shaker set... in ultramarine! I have been obsessing about this set for months. Waiting for a nice set to purchase, to add to my collection. 
So pretty! I even bought new labels for them. I just can't bring myself to put them on the glass yet. I want to look at them for a while in their beauty. 
Now here they are, posing with the two measuring cups from the collection. I had read once that the color difference is caused from how hot the glass was when made. The hotter the glass the darker the color. 
And my cups are the lighter shade of ultramarine. It is the reason I have hesitated to buy cups to finish out the set. I really would like them to be the same bright shade I already have on my shelf.
Just a couple more images of the misc. pieces I have for this Jeannette pattern.

And of course I had to bring back out the pink Jennyware!

Now I need to start stalking the mixing bowl sets in this Jennyware.... but dang they are pricey. 

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

~The odd yellow-green Chicken....

Okay, maybe I shouldn't say odd. Lets use "Unique" chicken. She is a cutie, either way.

And I have lots of love for the odd farm animal, crafty things, that I come across... as previous posted about here....

The new addition to my group of animals... is this unique yellow and green paisley chicken. There was a lot of craftsmanship that went into making her. She even has a weighted bottom, so she always stays, up right.
Not that she appreciates having her skirt flipped up... 

But she is a cutie. And a keeper to add to my other "Unique" hand made chickens... 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I image to a particular set of adults, we will always associate Snoopy and Charlie Brown with the kick off to our Holidays.

I hope everyone has a safe and festive day... with lots of good things to eat! 
image from here.... so so cute!

Monday, November 19, 2012

~All kinds of Primary goodness...

These are some images from the early 1950's Sears catalogs. That I located here....

Of the wonderful kitchen items produced in primary colors. It is amazing is how much of this red stuff has survived to this day. To be cherished by collectors, who weren't born, till decades later. 

These red items still fetch a pretty penny in the antique malls. I never seen a time where they were not in demand. 
I have seen unfortunate behavior, over these old step stools at auctions. Which only ends with them selling for ridiculous prices. And with some happy buyer thrilled with their purchase. :)
I never do tire of looking at old pictures of these kitchens items. 

And if one is going to have a kitchen done with the primary colors.... lets not forget about Pyrex!
Now lets have a little peek, at the grand-daddy of mixing bowls... the Pyrex primary color bowls. 
Ahhhh... the joy of the perfect set of bowls. With their label attached. Now that is perfection.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

~Just a little Mildred.... Mount Clemons pattern...

I actually came across some Mildred - Mount Clemons pattern - on my recent adventures. I brought home 3 platters and a few small berry size bowls to add to my odd ball set.
Though none of it in minty condition. So it matched what I have pretty well. Since I manage to wash most of the gold trim off, in the dishwasher, with the stuff I have had forever. 
I still love the looks of this Mildred pattern. I love that it manages to use pink, blue, yellow and green in the pattern. So I can mix it up with other patterns for a table setting. I have been using them on the weekends for serving breakfast. Since I dug it out of the boxes last Fall.

Of course I can not stop myself from bringing home random pretty bowls. Pretty bowl's with pink flowers...
These are also small sized bowls. And fit into the Mildred ones perfectly. So I rationalized their purchase that way. "They match so well in size!" 

These pretty girls are by Homer Laughlin. It is their "Dogwood" pattern. So I suspect they will not be an issue with finding more of them. Homer made a sh*t load of china over the decades. And it all seems to be plentiful. Maybe I will build a nice set of this cute pattern

With Thanksgiving coming up this week... I have dragged out my big green jadeite Fenton Hen for my center piece! She makes a great impression with the family, when covered in devil eggs...
I love this hen....  so sassy!

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Friday, November 09, 2012

~Wild eye Donald Duck bowls... vintage Disney!

So here I have two vintage plastic, probably circa late 1950's, Donald Duck cereal bowls.

These duck bowls have some seriously googly eyes. These eyes are the ones where the black pupil part moves/shakes with ease. 

I just find these bowls disturbing on many levels. But these do have the Disney stamped on them.  So they are not some random duck staring at me, with those crazy eyes. 

Those are genuine Donald Duck eyes! :)
And lone reason for buying them... was because one was pink. I just can not walk away from bizarre kitchen items in pink. 

So I am now the proud owner of these vintage cereal bowls. Even if they do spook me a little. :)
Maybe if I keep them locked up in the closet, they won't attack me in my sleep.  :)

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Lot's of kitchen goodness... Vintage Sears @ 1956...

Oh my goodness.... look at all that amazing pink and turquoise perfection from the Sears catalog @ 1956.  I came across these stunning images here within Pinterest.
If I was to stumble upon these gorgeous aluminum and pink kitchen pans... the squealing I would make... would only be audible to dogs. And if you look carefully, they also came with the option of having turquoise trim. 

Of course, I have never seen anything like these in person. I suspect they probably didn't survive to 1960. *sigh* And then to add to my agony, is that this set was only $14.79...
Look at those amazing kitchen stools.  Then there are the matching turquoise utensils! And for only $6.98 !!!  Have you try buying these old Ekco utensils on eBay? $6.98 would not even begin to pay for the postage, to get them mailed to you now.
Yet, these laundry hampers survive to this day. I have seen oodles of them over the years. In all colors. But I have seem many pink ones. With lots of different designs. All very cute. All of these hampers are listed between $12- $15 dollars.  That seems a little pricey for 1956. But since I have seen so many of them, they were meant to last.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

~ Random Reds... new in my Kitchen...

How neat is this sifter?! With the red rose and griper crank handle. My Mother found me this little red sifter. And made it a gift to me. Since I seem to have an unnatural attachment for odd things decorate with roses. 

It actually is in great shape. I suspect the original owner never used it. And just admired its beauty sitting on a shelf. Just like I am doing. 
The white cup part is a nice pearlize plastic. And it even has measurement markings on it too!
How nifty is that.... just too cool. 

Then this is yet another piece of Hazel Atlas glassware for my extensive collection. And oh my goodness.... it has red dots!
Such a gorgeous cruet.
But proven to be a challenge to photograph, in order to see all its beauty.
Be sure to take a quick peek at the wonderful Hazel Atlas red dot coffee cups. That has also joined my kitchen family...
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