Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who loves the red dots?!? I do!!!

Oh,  my goodness. I just love the dots. 

I came across the two Hazel Atlas red dot coffee cups at a garage sale. They cost me a quarter each. Now granted, their precious dots are faded. But I did not care. I have never seen them in person to buy. And they were coming home with me. 

Though not as shiny as my Fire King Dots... I still love them all the same. And the red dot cereal bowl I have had forever. And it does belong to the same line of Hazel Atlas. 

Now this Hazel Atlas dot pattern did come in many colors.

These are the Hazel Atlas mixing bowls with the dots... the picture above is from here...

They are just....  Gorgeous!

And one day I am going to find some turquoise in the wild... cause I am going to need at least 2 coffee cups in turquoise to go with my red ones.

You can find this one for sell here....  so so pretty!

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craftyles said...

Lucky girl! And to find them at a garage sale-unbelievable!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would snap up all of those!

Popped in from Rednesday ~

LV said...

Finding anything by Hazel Atlas is a deal. I have some of her vintage pieces.