Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The lovely Melmac.... in Floral and Pink!

I really do enjoy buying Melmac. It really disturbs my Mother that I have plastic plates in my cabinet for daily use... she has hope that I never use them for company. :)  

These came in so many gorgeous patterns that they are hard to resist. 

Now granted, I say Melmac. But there were many companies that produced this stuff from the 1940's to now. Melmac is just the common word I use when talking about it. 

This sweet floral platter was made by Fostoria. It has the daintiest floral print. Done in pinks and turquoise. 
So pretty. Melmac with pink roses....

White roses and gold leaves.... 

Then I picked up random pieces of pink at a estate sale. All for a dollar... 

In the lot was the creamer, sugar, dinner plates, coffee cups and two big rectangular platters.

Then one small jadeite green bowl. Made by Texas Ware...

I wish there had been more of the Texas Ware... because it is a really pretty shade green. The one thing I have not seen, is drinking glasses, in Melmac. I know they were produced. But it looks as if they did not hold up for decades like the serving pieces did....

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~ Feed Sack Pillow Cases....

As with everything I collect, there is always some bizarre reason why I started to look for the item. 

Like single pillow cases. 

I like to sleep with 3 pillows. Two for my head and one to clutch onto. In a death grip. :) 

So I have always had a need for 5 pillow cases when making up my bed.  And oddly enough, it is easy to find individual vintage pillow cases. That were once a feed sack. 

Now I am not talking of burlap feed sacks.  Please. I am talking about the beautiful old cotton sacks that came with flour/sugar in them. That were used in many crafty projects decades ago. Most noticeably for quilts.

But I started buying them, so my lone odd pillow, would have a pretty cover.

So here are a few of the ones I have in my linen closet. 
Green with the purple flowers...
Pink with blue flowers...
Lime green with red, green and blue flowers... 
Pink roses and pink border... which I have used part of this case as a border on my little blog here...
This is the same quality of cotton as the rest of them. But it is solid pink. With a added white ruffle...
Then I have purchased pillow cases, what I believe is referred to as, comb percale cotton. They are from the 60's. But there was some really great prints from that time period. And the cotton is so exquisite feeling to the touch.

Here are a couple of those.... 
Oh how I love these orange and pink strip cases... I found them last Fall. 
Then more pink roses. I simply can not stop myself from buying older linens with pink roses. 
One last look at the green and pink feed sacks... so pretty!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

~ Pyrex - Yellow and Pink love...

It has been forever since I came across any Pyrex. (in colors that I wanted)

But I did stumble upon these wonderful small refrigerator squares at a garage sale. And this was it. Just these three with their lids.

And I finally have a second small pink square! About dang time. I have been on the hunt for one for well over a year.  (here is more of my pink pyrex...)
And these are the pretty creamy yellow squares.
Then for fun.... I have been watching this eBay auction... for two minty Pyrex Pink daisy casseroles. I really want the bottom dish... but the price is way up there. But it does not stop me from wanting it! :) 
And it even comes with the Pyrex recipes!

But when the price got over $50.00.... I ducked out. Now it is over $100.00.... WOW!

Still in love with that dish... just not $100.00 in love... :)

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Who loves the red dots?!? I do!!!

Oh,  my goodness. I just love the dots. 

I came across the two Hazel Atlas red dot coffee cups at a garage sale. They cost me a quarter each. Now granted, their precious dots are faded. But I did not care. I have never seen them in person to buy. And they were coming home with me. 

Though not as shiny as my Fire King Dots... I still love them all the same. And the red dot cereal bowl I have had forever. And it does belong to the same line of Hazel Atlas. 

Now this Hazel Atlas dot pattern did come in many colors.

These are the Hazel Atlas mixing bowls with the dots... the picture above is from here...

They are just....  Gorgeous!

And one day I am going to find some turquoise in the wild... cause I am going to need at least 2 coffee cups in turquoise to go with my red ones.

You can find this one for sell here....  so so pretty!

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