Monday, April 09, 2012

~My love for Hazel Atlas is never ending... the pink shakers.

This is my set of depression glass pink... everyday use... Hazel Atlas shakers. Nothing rare but they are absolutely my favorite set of shakers.

These are the standard cafe size shakers. Some times referred to as cube shakers because of the cube design. This style of shakers are still being made to this day. But I have only seen clear/white glass ones, new in the box for sale. 

But these pink girls here are the vintage ones. And the only set of pink ones I own. My Mother has a set of them in her collection. That she can not be talked out of. :) 
These are marked on bottom. With the standard Hazel Atlas mark. And they still have their original aluminum lids.
But I do have two sets of the green depression glass ones. That I do use daily. I tried photographing the green ones with the pepper in them. But the pictures were horrible. The ones with salt in them... made it a lot easier to see the design.

I will mention that the green glass shakers have been reproduced. I started to notice them in the late 1990's. They were suddenly plentiful in the antique stores. If you know depression glass and have handle enough of it... you can feel the difference in the glass. 

But they are not bad reproductions at all. They look great. Just don't be fooled into paying a vintage glass price for them. 

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Unknown said...

those pink shakers are fabulous! I can see why they are your favorites!

suzieQ said...

Well, one of the reasons I enjoy blogging is I learn new information and I had no idea those shakers came in colors. If I ever find one, I will be aware that they can be reproductions and will be wary of the pricing but I will think of your educational post. I'm like you, I so enjoy using things I love.

iiSwanSongii said...

I have a set of the clear glass ones that I use every day. I had no idea they could be antique. I think I just 'happen' to have picked them up at a yard sale. I'll have to look for that mark. Thanks for sharing.