Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I didn't even know I had it... the big green creamer....

A month or so back... I had showed off pictures of my green depression glass beer mugs. Well I am not sure where I bought this.... but it is identical in color and size to those big green mugs. But it has a pour spout.
I am pretty sure it came home with me... because it is part of the same line as the mugs.
And here is a picture of one of my mugs. Which I had to find again to compare them to each other.  :) 

Oh and I used one of my salt shakers to show off how big these are...
I am really going to have find that Gene Florence book, that I know these were pictured in one year. It is starting to bug me that I can't recall who made them. 

**** Note:  I have had an unplanned family commitment... which has kept me away from my little blog. I am hoping things will be back to normal in the next week or so... because I have some new things to show off... *****

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The bizarre green napkin holder... with the Hazel Atlas green salt shakers...

This is a slightly odd vintage green glass napkin holder. 
It feels like depression glass. But it is the oddest shade of green I have ever seen in person. So I just consider it semi-vintage.
But it is pretty. And really stands out in its funky green glory.
I have mention I do have matching pepper shakers that go with these salts. They do not photograph within reason of making me a decent picture. But they are depression glass shakers made by my favorite girl....  Hazel Atlas.

Monday, April 09, 2012

~My love for Hazel Atlas is never ending... the pink shakers.

This is my set of depression glass pink... everyday use... Hazel Atlas shakers. Nothing rare but they are absolutely my favorite set of shakers.

These are the standard cafe size shakers. Some times referred to as cube shakers because of the cube design. This style of shakers are still being made to this day. But I have only seen clear/white glass ones, new in the box for sale. 

But these pink girls here are the vintage ones. And the only set of pink ones I own. My Mother has a set of them in her collection. That she can not be talked out of. :) 
These are marked on bottom. With the standard Hazel Atlas mark. And they still have their original aluminum lids.
But I do have two sets of the green depression glass ones. That I do use daily. I tried photographing the green ones with the pepper in them. But the pictures were horrible. The ones with salt in them... made it a lot easier to see the design.

I will mention that the green glass shakers have been reproduced. I started to notice them in the late 1990's. They were suddenly plentiful in the antique stores. If you know depression glass and have handle enough of it... you can feel the difference in the glass. 

But they are not bad reproductions at all. They look great. Just don't be fooled into paying a vintage glass price for them. 

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Friday, April 06, 2012

~The pretty Farm Girl potholder... and the pigs!

This is probably my favorite potholder I own. I have seen lots of farm-girl things over the years. But the design of this pattern is precious. It looks like it started off as a quilt block. But never made it to the quilt. It is a simple potholder. And in lovely condition. I love that she has on her bonnet and her long legged petticoat.

Such sweet pigs! Made into potholders from old vintage quilts. Which were made into the shape of pigs! I love to see cutter quilts made into new handy items.
If you look closely you see that they have a small triangle ears too!

I wish I have bought a couple more of them for the kitchen...

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~The vintage Water Decanter...

This is a gorgeous piece of glassware. This is a vintage two piece water decanter. In green depression glass.
These were used bedside many years ago... they were commonly found sitting on the nightstand.
I like the shape of this one... the square shape is easier to hold on to when carrying it. Not that I would willingly haul it around with water in it. :)  But it does not fell clumsy to handle. Or maybe I just have huge hands.
The drinking glass is marked with an enclosed "F". I have similar drinking glasses like these I recently purchased. But they are not marked like this one.
So much pretty in a funky green container. 

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

More from the potholder stash... pretty Spring colors...

Once upon a time I use to find vintage potholders every where I looked. Garage sales being my main source for them.
But I have notice it is getting downright rare for me to find them at random sales. In the last year, I have probably only came across 3 sales with vintage potholders.

Anywho... these were all purchased years ago. When I could buy them inexpensively. 

I did find come across a few tablecloths, I had packed up... maybe this weekend I will get around to getting them photograph...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

~The depression glass green Cruet....

I have seen oodles of vintage cruet's over the years. But what I rarely see is the original stopper with the cruet.
This most likely was part of a set of cruets. Made for the dining table... one for oil and one for vinegar. I really like the looks of my new oil cruet.
And here the cruet posing with the syrup jars... looking all dazzling.
I would like to find a matching cruet eventually, so it could be a matching set. 

Monday, April 02, 2012

~Taylor Smith & Taylor.... more bowls to my collection...

Oh my. Look at all those bowls... all those fabulous colored TS&T bowls...

I recently added in some green and brown bowls... along with finding a few more pink and turquoise bowls...

Plus a wonderful pale yellow bowl... and what I calling a orange bowl. The orange bowl looks to be the oldest of all of them. 

Then there is a great oval turquoise bowl. Which of course now I want more of them!

All of these Taylor Smith and Taylor bowls are all marked. Though through the years the manufacturer mark changes as time goes by. 

I am thinking I have accumulated enough of these bowls for now. :) Well, I could use a few more of the oval shaped ones.... 

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

~The Syrup pitchers.... depression glass green ones!

I have mention before.... even though I love the vintage pink kitchenware and glassware.... I have collected depression glass, in green, for many years. The curb appeal of this green glass is wonderful.
The thing about depression glass, was it was not expensive glass when produced. And there was oodles of it made and sold. So finding odd pieces of it is not difficult. But finding the metal lids for the containers can be tricky. Some of them were made of metal that would unfortunately rust.
Yet, there are lids that were made of aluminum. Which has retained their silver finish.  I recently came across this green pitcher below. And I snatched it up! I am thrilled that the lid is still in decent shape... 

Plus it still looks good to display the the smaller one I have...

I would not actually use these syrup pitchers... these fall into that category of... I would not have a sense of humor if they got broke. :) 
Yet, they do look pretty sitting out.... with good light filtering through them. 

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