Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Vintage Water decanter... with the handle...

I have more than one of these vintage water decanters to show off. This one is a little fragile feeling compared to the squared shaped one that I own. Though it is still a great shade of green. It has always seem really breakable to the touch.
The drinking glass with this decanter fits inside the neck of the pitcher. Which means I also have had to keep it taped into place. If anything, to help prevent it from sliding around nicking up the neck or the actual drinking glass.

Both decanters are decent size pitchers. They are still pretty to look at...but yet another odd thing I find myself owning. I will mention that I have looked for a pink one to add to the collection without any luck.


Jane C said...

I think I have a pink one at home that was destined for this summer's yard sale; I can take some pics tonight, if you're interested. I just got married last November, and moved 2 households into one. So we are trying to downsize.

PS Love your style and your blog!

Jane C,

Propagatrix said...

Oh, that beautiful translucent green. What a lovely find!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful! Saw the one on the left yesterday. It originally came with a stopper.