Friday, March 16, 2012

~Vintage Ballerina... project piece...

This was a project piece for me. Her skirt was in terrible shape. Many of these ballerina girls have a lace skirt... that have discolored over the years. To an awful brown color. I suspect she lived in a house with a smoker. 

 I tried a few things to lift off the staining. But nothing seems to be able to get off all of the decades of discolor... from the skirt. I was able to get it off the surface fairly well. But in the pleats... not so much. 
The ballerina is a older piece. She is stamped on the bottom....

To have been so discolored, she was in good shape. Plus the tiniest pink rose at her feet, is still fully intact.
Not a bad project for the cost of a quarter.

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