Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet little birds....

I have always had a soft spot for odd things that hang on the wall. I was never a fan of using pictures to decorate with. I prefer using lovely things like these birds.
How cute are those faces! I have never been able to ID who made these tiny birds. But they are made of pottery and not china. Delicate pottery. The kind that chips with ease.
As you can see here... they have holes in their backs. So they are easy to hang. Yet, there is no identifying mark with who made them. I suspect there was probably a paper tag glued on at one point. But I purchased them without it being there.
Sadly, the Mother bird... fell off the wall one day when I was gone. I came home and found her laying in the floor. With her wing chipped. It just broke my heart for her to get damaged. But I am thankful that she did not shatter when she had hit the floor. 

I never could figure out why she fell. The nail was still in place on the wall... and the two baby birds were still in their places. But Mother Bird was laying on the floor, without any kind of explanation.

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The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

These little birdies are sooo cute. I could see these in a retro kitchen, or they could be spray painted to match any decor.