Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new piece of Doric... and some juice glasses...

This is a new addition to my Doric family. Jeannette Glass was the maker of this depression glass pattern. And I am very fond of this green Doric pattern.
Along with this lovely green glass tray... I also purchased two depression green glass... juice glasses.
Of course I can not get this green glass to photograph as pretty as it is in person.
There are no marking on the bottom of these. So I don't know who made them. They are a standard size juice glass. Nothing fancy. Just a pretty piece of glass.
I did try to get a better picture of my Doric covered butter dish.
And they are really no better than my last attempts. :) Oh well. It is still pretty, even in bad lighting. 

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Hello Vintage said...

I literally drew in a breath when I saw your green Depression glass. Lovely.

Jeannie Marie said...

I used to own some Doric plates. I love green depression glass. How lovely to see the tray and butter dish!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

As much as I love pink glass.... I have always preferred the green depression glass over pink depression glass.

Most of the green depression glass is an incredible shade of green.

The pink just lacks the curb appeal of the green, for me. And the prices of the depression glass seems to have dropped over the last decade.

So I am buying odd pieces of it,
when I find things to add to my Doric collection.