Saturday, March 31, 2012

~She is so pretty.... The big Green Hen!

It really should not come as a surprise that I have a devil egg plate... shaped like a hen. I love the odd stuff. This lovely jadeite green hen is a product of Fenton Glass. She is not vintage. I am thinking she is around 12-15 years old. 
This lovely green hen... is a big heavy piece of glass. But she makes a outstanding center piece on my Easter table.
As you can see here is that my sassy hen does come off her base. 

But she prefers to sit all proud on her green base.... and I adore this sweet green hen! 

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Craigslist.... so hard to ignore all the cool stuff...

I have to admit I love roaming through Craigslist looking at the Mid Century Modern stuff.  

Since I live in North Texas.... there is oodles of stuff from that time period for sale. It seems Dallas really came into its self in the late 1950's. There were many great Mid Century Modern homes built all over the place here.

So as I was recently roaming... I saw this door..... 

That door is incredible. I would have loved to have seen the home that it had been custom made for... and sadly I suspect that home is now rubble in the local land fill. The very best of Mid Century style homes, were built in far North Dallas. On really large lots. And many of them are being bulldoze down... so some flakely looking McMansion can be built on the land.

Oh so pretty! Yellow dots!

Sadly, I do not own these glorious dotted drinking glasses... I came across them on eBay... and this lovely seller has them listed.....  

Aren't they just gorgeous! I have seen all kinds of pink and black dots on drinking glasses... but I have never came across any with yellow and black dots in the wild. 

Of course they were made by my favorite girl Hazel Atlas. I would really love to see catalogs from Hazel Atlas from about 1950-1969. Just to get a good look at all the wonderful drinking glasses they produced.

~Vintage Hoosier Cabinet glassware.... the drippings jar...

I have very few of these Hoosier style glassware. They have always been expensive to collect. This is the drippings jar for the cabinet. I do have this glass lid taped down. This piece is in minty shape. And I am attempting to keep from having the lid move around freely. Which leads to flea bites on the rims. 

Here is a wonderful vintage image of a Hoosier cabinet.  
And that interesting brown dot there... is actually a felt dot. Just helping keep that lid from sliding around. I would love to own a actual Hoosier cabinet... but I doubt I would ever get all the glassware together to finish it.
And here is nice look at what I call, kitchen accessories for daily use. Salt shakers, syrup jars, cruet for oil and my drippings jar. I am working on post to show off all of the vintage green things I have here...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Vintage Water decanter... with the handle...

I have more than one of these vintage water decanters to show off. This one is a little fragile feeling compared to the squared shaped one that I own. Though it is still a great shade of green. It has always seem really breakable to the touch.
The drinking glass with this decanter fits inside the neck of the pitcher. Which means I also have had to keep it taped into place. If anything, to help prevent it from sliding around nicking up the neck or the actual drinking glass.

Both decanters are decent size pitchers. They are still pretty to look at...but yet another odd thing I find myself owning. I will mention that I have looked for a pink one to add to the collection without any luck.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~All kinds of red goodness....

Now that is a lot of red! Here we have more vintage goodness.... from my potholder stash. 

I really do love the mixture of the red and yellow with this one... 
Now this bottom red one is a doily... with sparkle thread running through it. 

Then these are reversible potholders... they are actually crochet into this design... 

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Pyrex.... a new thing to obsess about... Foulard print cups...

I am on a new hunt. I recently saw a bowl with this Pyrex Foulard print in blue. I really do love the looks of this design.
I went looking at images in Google and came across a few. But this does not seem to have a lot of love being given to it. But I did find another amazing picture of this design in more colors! 
(I do not own these... picture is from here...)

These are really great coffee cups! 

I love that orange! Even the black one is great looking with its blue print. 

I am not really interested in the bowls, as much as I would like to have  a couple of these coffee cups. 

~Anchor Hocking - pink and white dish....

This is just a random find for me. It is a pretty bowl made by Anchor Hocking. It is a a lot like the Vitrock stuff. A unique white glass item that Anchor Hocking made. 
I am not sure the exact purpose for this cute dish. It has a handle and a small lip for pouring. It seems odd that you could pour anything out of it without things getting messy.
So I have decided it will be used for holding my watches instead.
And it is deep and wide enough, to hold them without tipping over from the weight.

Monday, March 26, 2012

~Pretty potholders...

As I keep looking for things I can not find... I did find a box filled with potholders that I have collected over the last 25 years.
I love the craftsmanship of these vintage potholders.
What I love about these pretty things... is that most of them have never been used.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~Just because they are so pretty....

And since I had dragged them all out to photograph with other things...  I set up a quick peek at some pink and turquoise love....
And it annoys my Mother to no ends... for me to use "those old jelly glasses!" on my table. Much less have a cabinet full of them.
I still love them all.... and I am never getting rid of them. :)

~Pink pottery... and a few linens...

I bought this because it reminded me of my vintage spoon rest. It is a cute pottery piece that I am calling a bowl.  A really heavy bowl. That I use to hold my car keys in...
It has the look and feel of McCoy. But I am not sure who made it.
When I saw it... it reminded me of this little beauty that lives on my stove.

I like how they are very similar to each other. The spoon rest is an older piece. But I am not convince the flower bowl is...but she is a pretty thing. And I am keeping her!
I did find a couple more doilies that I like the looks of... this one is actually more of a melon color than pink.... but my picture just does not capture the shade very well.
Too much flash.... but still pretty....
One of my newer potholder finds... in pink and green... with the two doilies.
This is a cute smaller vintage tablecloth. With a pretty crochet boarder. It is a odd weight of linen. And would benefit from a nice starching.
I am thinking it needs a nice bath with some powder bleach in the water. It needs a little boost to get it to sparkle for me....

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~Pyrex in the Primary colors...

That is a page full of Pyrex goodness. I have always liked the looks of the primary colors that Pyrex used on those mixing bowls.
What is even better to me, is how it was sold. That Pyrex would make you a better cook! Ohhhhh.... if it was only that easy.
Just look at that price! All that red goodness for $2.25 ....
I love these Pyrex advertisements. I never get bored at looking at them.