Monday, February 06, 2012

Such a rare item.... Delphite Blue Measuring cups... with their box!

This is such an incredible find. It is a set of the Delphite Blue measuring cups, by Jeanette Glass. With their original box! I have never seen a box for the blue set before. And they are currently for sale on eBay.... for a big scary price! But that doesn't stop them from being  incredible.
(all the above pictures are part of the eBay sale... you must go look at all the wonderful glass this seller has up for auction....)

And since I am talking about those Jeanette measuring cups... lets take another look at my set of Jadeite Jeanette cups... with their box. 

Which I realize, I will never have the set with their box... in blue... to go with them.
As much as I would like to have that delphite set of cups... I can't justify the cost of them. 

But that does not stop me from wanting them.... :)

Ohhh, I wanted to add this set of delphite canisters. Also part of the auction at eBay....and another item I will always want and can't afford.
Go look at the price on these.... and realize why you should never walk away from them if you find them in the wild... needing a new home.


Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love your little green cups - great that you have the box too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Unknown said...

Really? $4500? Is it just me or does that seem beyond the realm of fair pricing even for something desired and 'rare'? Sometimes I blame ebay for overblown prices everywhere else. :OP

Jill said...

Those are just the craziest prices - who really would be buying these things???? I don't think auctions like this are helping all of us thrifty thrifters out there....

I'll keep looking for deals, won't you??

Mecky said...

The seller must be dreaming! But then, I am sure they are hoping for someone like Martha to shell out the money. If I paid that price, i would be a nervous wreck that they would get broken.
BUT, they sure are pretty!!

See the bowls on the upper right hand of the shelf? My sister found a set like them at Goodwill for 5 or 8 dollars. That was only about 4 years ago.

I agree with Peace that Ebay is causing prices to go up. I also blame Martha Stewart. Whatever she featured on her old show cause the prices to sky-rocket.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Oh yea, those prices are ridiculous! But to be honest the prices of Delphite blue have always been crazy. Yet, the 4500.00 is way out there. LOL!

I have been working on collecting those Delphite measuring cups. I just paid for 2 of them. So now I have 3 of the 4 delphite cups. I am hoping I get them in the mail by this weekend.

I can remember 15+ years ago... looking as some canisters for this delphite blue color... at an antique mall in Dallas. And they were all priced around 350.00 - EACH.

There is just some depression glass that never falls in price. And this delphite blue is one of them. :(