Monday, February 27, 2012

So cute... a few new crochet pot holders...

Isn't she just too cute! And in such fabulous shape. Got to love the crochet potholder.

It has been awhile since I had seen crochet potholders in my adventures. With collecting, everything seems to go in cycles. I will seen tons of old linens (made prior to 1965) and then I won't see any for months. This week I saw a couple of cute things and bought them all.
And what is better than one crochet dress potholder? Well two of them!
Of course none of them will ever been used for grabbing anything remotely hot. Yet, I do see a future of them being displayed. 
There is a lot of detail with this crochet holder. And I love the combination of pink and green.
Then I found this sunny yellow potholder... with pink flowers. She has been used, so she doesn't want to lay flat. But I still like the looks of the design...
 Now here is a peek at my set of pink magnets... 
I have had these forever. And if I had any kind of nerve I would use them on my refrigerator. But I have a aversion with removing vintage NRFB items from their packages. 
So I just keep them hanging on the wall to brighten up my kitchen. In their original state. Living inside their plastic cover.
But they are sooo cute. And all pink! 

You can also see the cute shaker set... here... that I also purchase this week... 

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